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How did Baroque composers convey the meaning of the text in their music?

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How did Baroque composers convey the meaning of the text in their music? Refer to at least two different pieces of music in your answer. There are a number ways in which Baroque composers conveyed the meaning of the text in their music. Often writing for religious purposes using religious texts, it was important that the music reflected the libretto so that the meaning of the scripture was reinforced by the music and conveyed to the listener. Texture of baroque pieces was used by composers to convey the meaning of the text. Handel?s Glory to God is again a significant example as it begins piano with ?and peace on earth?. This is sung in unison which could represent the world united in peace. However, the ?good will? section is not homophonic, it is extremely contrapuntal which equally could represent the spreading of this ?good will to all men?. ...read more.


The Neapolitan chord at bar 134 with the F naturals and also the tierce de picardie on the final word ?blood? enhances this anxiety and feeling of God?s wrath. The use of harmony and tonality was also an effective way in which composers conveyed the meaning of their text. For example, Handel?s Hallelujah Chorus from his Messiah is written in D major, the ?key of glory?. The major tonality creates a joyous and triumphant mood. While this reflects the words? meaning, it also allows for the use of trumpets which play a most important role in movements with such celebratory libretto as ?for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth?. Vivaldi uses D major for the opening movement of his Gloria, creating the same effect as Handel for exactly the same reasons. In fact, the entire of Monteverdi?s Versiculus Responsorium, the first movement of his Vespers is played and sung on a D major chord following the opening chant. ...read more.


Another use of rhythm is in Handel?s Hallelujah from the Messiah as the dotted crotchets followed by quavers and motifs of two semiquavers followed by two quavers on the word ?Hallelujah? is idiomatic of celebratory fanfares. Finally, the ranges of voices used in baroque religious music help to convey the significance of the text because some pieces convey the wrath of God and his power such as ?Thou Shalt Break Them? which uses a tenor solo with large intervals, whereas pieces such as ?Behold, my saviour now is taken? use voices with higher ranges such as altos and sopranos to reflect a mood of solemnity. However, both pieces use melismas on words such as ?potter?s? which can either increase the anxiety of the piece or which can add to suspensions to give a mood of peace. Baroque composers used many techniques to convey the meaning of the text such as tonality, texture and rhythm because it was incredibly important to comprehend the full significance of the libretto. ...read more.

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