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Mozart's K331.

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It cannot be denied that K331 is a work in the galant style. Its music clearly revolves around the strong melodies in the Andante, it's variations, the minuet and trio and the distinct alla turca. The galant style influence could indeed be the reason for K331's fame 300 years later. Out of the all his works, Mozart's K331 is the sonata in which the style's characteristics are most noticeable. The melodic right hand line is clearly the main part of each of the sections, whilst the bass line compliments and enforces it. This can be seen in the Andante, bars 1-3, where the rhythm is completely identical in both the left and right hand. The bass line is simple in that it forms straightforward chord breakdowns, such as the broken chords of the Andante, bars 9-10. Mozart has cleverly chosen interesting melodies that are pleasing to the ear, simple and that yet also do some unusual tricks that enhance the overall sound of the music, such as the augmented 6th chord in the minuet. ...read more.


This kind of question/answer idea it the kind of phrasing the galant style relates to. The variations' structures do vary within their own style but when they do it still fits in with the style's characteristics. The galant style is also known for the thin textures it employs. This helps to stress the melody even more, by not drawing attention away from it. This is achieved by only using two parts, one in the right hand, and one in the left. As was said before, the left hand bass line is simple and basic, serving the melody - therefore 90% of the listener's attention is concentrated on the melody in the right hand. Even the four-part octaves in the trio, bars 68-72, are in unison. An exception to this is in the coda of the alla turca when unusual thick chords are in use. This can be explained by the effect Mozart wanted to create in alla turca. ...read more.


The music feels it should move to D minor after visiting E minor and C major, and then the return to the tonic key is expected to finish off the trio. Similarly, in the alla turca, the movement between minor and major keys adds to the feel of the Turkish idea whilst being structured so that it ends with no uncertainty. The galant style has many descriptions, such as elegant, ornate and sophisticated whilst also being playful, witty and chic. Mozart achieves the affect through his variations. The chromaticism of variation 1 has an almost humorous effect, with the adding notes adding that more playful feel. The slowness of the adagio brings forth the more serious and refined aspect to the music and Mozart's choice to include the alla turca as an overall powerful end to K331 is down to the concentration on the light-hearted melody, which is so good that it is still being used as a mobile ring tone today. James Swinburne Page 1 5/8/2007 In what ways is this sonata a work in the galant style? ...read more.

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