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My aim within this essay is to analyse music and dance relationships and give examples of Direct Correlation through to Visualisation being used and what they represent

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Music and dance relationships My aim within this essay is to analyse music and dance relationships and give examples of Direct Correlation through to Visualisation being used and what they represent Direct Correlation is when the music and dance work together. An excellent example of this is displayed in the piece Swan Lake by Matthew Bourne. In this piece the music is of a classical genre containing such instruments as Flutes and Violins. The music relates to the movements as at certain points, the music peaks and picks up as this happens also the ballet vocab does to as well slow torso movements are performed when a slow flute is being played. ...read more.


The scene performed in West Side Story is violent and strong and makes the audience feel uneasy from the tension built; this is contributed by the music. The choreographer uses very natural sounds to help us relate and visualize the surroundings such as the sound of cars passing by and police car sirens, this makes us picture new York city and are natural instincts assume its to do with fighting. The music of the piece builds again a huge amount of tension by the tempo of the music and sudden dips and pauses of sound. In the sequence there is a point where the tempo of the is fast and loud and different burst of notes are heard, ...read more.


This piece is extremely abstract as this is what Cunningham's style is. He believes that movements happen because they do and they don't always have to contain meaning behind them. Cunningham uses in this motif natural sounds such as cracking, rustling, banging, sawing and many more including as well animal sounds most which could be a woodpeckers and sounds from the dancers bodies for example they may hit the floor with force to create a loud thudding sound. The point being the music doesn't at all go with the sequence; this may be as the movements are quite separated as well as many others. The piece is not sight-specific as it is not performed in a theatre or any other typical place. ...read more.

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