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My Sisters Wedding

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My Sisters Wedding In Mid September 1998 a telephone call to my mum and dad was change my family's life for the next year and a half. My sister announced that she was getting married. I was nine at the time of the announcement and I found this also exciting because I would be getting a plane to go to England and it would be like a holiday as well. The biggest part of this wedding was the location because my sister lived in the south of England with her boyfriend. The organisation of the wedding was to be bigger than we all thought. Firstly my parents had to organise the flights for my family who were going to the wedding, secondly we all had contribute to the making of the bridesmaids' dresses. Thirdly my mum and my sister had to communicate with each other to see if everything was going well. A lot of time and hard work later, two months before the wedding my mum had nearly all the clothing for the wedding made and all we had to do was wait until a month before the wedding, at which time we would fly away to England. ...read more.


The next day we got up and got some breakfast and sat and watched television. We were excited about going to Brighton. Soon we got into the minibus and ventured on a two-hour journey. We arrived at about two' o'clock. I looked out the window to see Brighton Pier. We then ventured out onto the high street. My mum bought a jacket in a massive store. I bought a pair of jeans and my sister bought some necklaces. We had a great time at Brighton, but that wasn't the end of the excitement. During the next few weeks we went to Alton Towers, Beano Land and a couple of water parks. We couldn't believe how much fun we were having. The greatest thing was that we were together which made it so much better. The fun stopped a week before the wedding and we had to seriously think about rehearsals for the wedding. We had to do lots of essential tasks like ring the cameraman, order the flowers and book the hotel for the night after the wedding. So we were all set for doing this to make my sisters wedding one to remember. That week we all worked hard, we didn't have time even to make dinner so we ordered Chinese every night. ...read more.


They both said, "I do" and proceeded to a small room to confirm their marital status by signing a big black book. We all started to make our way out of the church where we took pictures. This was short-lived so we all went to the reception where we got our seats. The DJ arrived with a big stack of songs to dance to. The reception area had two bars, a dance floor and a buffet area which I liked the best. We all sat down to hear the speeches from the father of the bride and the best man. The father of the bride gave a beautiful speech in which he told us all what he thought of my sister from when she was born and how proud he was of her. The best man then got up and talked of how well the bride and groom got along and that he wishes them good luck. Once everyone had said there piece, the bride and groom cut the cake. This was followed by the first dance on the dance floor [a slow dance]. After that we all got up and danced the night away. We had lots of food and drink. At twelve o'clock I had to go home, and in the taxi on the way home I thought to myself that this was the happiest day of my life ...read more.

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