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Report to show how macros are made.

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Mahmoodul Shah 27/09/02 Report to show how macros are made In this report I will be showing Angela and David Williams how to create macros. Macros are very useful because it is data that you have created and recorded via a macro, which can then be used again and again because the macro will be on the tool bar. For example if I wanted to on every piece of writing that I do I wanted to put on my name on the top left hand side and I had a macro for that it would mean that I would not have to type my name out every time. ...read more.


First of all you need to log on to your computer. Then go to Start, an then click on Microsoft Word: 2. After loading in to Microsoft word they need to go to View, click on tool bars and then click on customize: (Next page) 3. After clicking on the customize button you then click on new when the screen appears. Then another screen will appear showing the new tool bar: 4. ...read more.


In the customize screen you then left click on the writing in the commands section and drag it up to the toolbar. 7. Then finally to record what ever you want to record you will have to go to tools, macro and then click on record new macro. The screen shot below shows that: On your screen will appear a small box, which will mean that whatever you do the macro will be recording that. After you have finished what you want to type out you press stop and that will be it. Name: Mahmoodul Shah Candidate Number: 0186 Trinity High School & Sixth Form Centre: 24303 ...read more.

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