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The perfect partner.

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How does one define 'perfect'? Perhaps the stereotypical glossy magazine cover is the answer, or is it the 'smart, funny and pretty' persona that is widely portrayed by television. But, to speculate, one person's perfect partner is not necessarily that of another's. When it comes to 'perfect' you can only be definite about your own ideal partner. Most young individuals have not yet encountered their 'soul mates', but quite frequently have envisaged what they believe would be 'perfect'. As for me? Let's see... Let's, for no particular reason (yeah, right), call her 'Mariah'. (As in Mariah Carey). My 'soul mate' would be that special some one who is like me. (That, by the way, isn't saying I'm special, despite the fact that I am.) She would be constantly happy, but not annoyingly giggly. She would possess the angelic ability to illuminate even the darkest of rooms, if not for everyone, just for me, while the unearthly talent of lifting the dense shadow of a bad day wouldn't go a miss. Like me, she could be easily annoyed by certain things: dumb questions, people unnecessarily getting in the way, and sheer stupidity. An intolerance of these things matches us perfectly. Of course, this irritability should not be to the extent that she becomes annoying herself. How ironic would that be? If we were both annoyed by the same things, neither of us would commit the offences in question, so we would relate to each other well. ...read more.


Despite wanton revenge, one's own fire cannot continue to burn with the suffocation of such tragedy, and so along side my Elizabeth, my strength and my weakness, I too, shall die." Deep, huh? Anyway, our love for the arts should also extend to classical music (as stated earlier). Of course her interest would indeed be a positive thing, but our relationship would obviously not be based solely upon this acquired taste of ingenious music. I mean... that's just wrong. (By the way, please note that 'pianissimo' is the Italian equivalent of 'very quiet', while 'fortissimo' means 'very loud'). Nevertheless, another one of those 'perfect' moments would be set in a large ellipse-shaped auditorium. Only the finest of Russian ivory silk, accompanied by true African leather are used throughout. The venue would be entirely vacant, except for me and my queen. Again, the European crystal chandeliers drape from the ceilings while the concert pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy rehearses for this evening's recital. Completely unaware of our presence, he rehearses a romantic Nocturne: Opus 9, No. 2 in E flat, by Fr�d�ric Chopin. Intently, we listen, and as our private show reaches bar twenty-six and becomes 'pianissimo', we turn to each other, both enchanted by each other's dazzling evening dress, and kiss. Gradually, the Nocturne crescendos to 'fortissimo', yet maintains its romanticism, becoming powerful - almost inspiring. The boundless magic within us as one and the power of the playing all at once come together, and the intensity and passion of the eternal moment befall immortalised by everlasting love. ...read more.


Although unmentioned as yet, part of my criteria includes a certain level of intelligence. Ideally she would be as intelligent as me, but the aptitude of learning and common knowledge is vital. Deep and meaningful conversation is fundamentally crucial to a lasting relationship. I quote '...there's no better base for a relationship than sex, money or an alliance between kingdoms.' I agree with this in no manner at all. Your life long partner should be your best friend as well as your crutch and sexual companion. My best friend should have a certain degree of intellect. Another perfect moment: We're in the front room of my newly bought mansion (this is in the future, by the way). The light is low and the music soft. Surrounded by burgundy d�cor and red velvet, we're engaged in deep and meaningful conversation about the lack of romanticism in the modern world. I happen to mention how fortunate we are to have retained our romanticism and inevitably, she slowly leads upstairs and... You aren't getting anymore of that. You have to be over eighteen to read the rest of such obscenities, and if you are - tough luck! To conclude, my 'Perfect Partner' should: be intelligent, proud & interesting, like classical music, the piano & romanticism, be curvatious, witty & slim, and finally, she should smell like cherries. Other than that she can be and do anything she wishes. I'm sure Dr. Frasier Crane's psycho-analysis of this piece of writing would conclude that I am an eccentric romantic, who wants independency, sovereignty and individualism to be my 'Perfect Partner'. By Ashley M. Dickson. Ashley M. Dickson, Yr 10 Coursework. ...read more.

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