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We watched a videotape called 'Whale song'. It was about sea mammals' behaviour, hunting and general information.

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RESEARCH STAGE We watched a videotape called 'Whale song'. It was about sea mammals' behaviour, hunting and general information. While I watched I saw the dolphins creating patterns with their movements. The hunting and killing of the whales and dolphins was quite graphic and stirred many of our thoughts because it is such a controversial and terrible thing. It made me feel deeply sad. It was a good stimulus because it gave me plenty of ideas, all from different angles. Some of the class looked at a book called 'Whale Nation' as another stimulus. I didn't because I had seen enough to be able to know about it. We then discussed in an off-text lesson the material and our initial thoughts and ideas. From watching the mammals swim through the ocean a lot of the class got 'movement' as part of the final piece. We also spent the rest of lesson on a kabuki session for information. We taught those who didn't know how to do kabuki how to do it. I'd done it before in a drama workshop. We all were 100% calm and silent. I found it really relaxing and enjoyed it a lot. I felt I was quite good at it too because I used variety of levels and positions. I lay on my back and stretched out my feet. Our teacher said it looked like the whale's tail and it did. ...read more.


They did wavy movements to look like rippling waves. I got confused because of the counter-rhythm and found it hard even though it was only a simple movement. Lisa then explained the concept of the fishing sequence. 6 of us role-played the fishermen on a boat. I was the lookout for the whales. We put me on a block to make me higher than the others (like in a crow's nest). We decided to sing sea shanties, the specific one we choose was 'Hoorah and up she rises'. We sang the chorus repetitively and quickened the pace when I spotted the whale, played by the other 6 in the group, to build up tension. The whale then rolled to us to show we'd captured it and we encircled it speeding up the song. First we walked then quickened our pace around the whale as though we were hawks circling our prey. We reached a pinnacle and in complicite we began to mime the cutting up of the whale. We then froze and, in turn, each fisherman turned and walked to the front to hold up a piece of card with a whale product on it and acted out an advertisement. I chose face cream, in particular L'Oreal, so I could say 'because your worth it' in an American accent. The accent seemed to go down well with everyone else as it made them laugh. ...read more.


I think we could have made it seem more like an advert as that was what it was supposed to be. I think we should have thought about what product we were selling and came up with an advert from T.V. that showed a similar product and try to act out that advert. I tried to do this as I picked a L'Oreal advert. For example somebody who picked lipstick could have tried to act out a Maybeline advert. It would have made the ending of a good piece more interesting. I generally preferred the 1st piece because of the atmosphere and symbolism. But, if I didn't have to pick and we'd had more time I would have took the best parts from each piece and merged them together to make a really good final piece. I would have done it like this: - This would probably of been our next step if we'd had time to do it. As my favourite I would pick the 1st piece because of the reasons I stated above. Also it was actually based around the whales' movements and interaction with each other. It was also based around their world and environment, this is what I saw when I first saw the stimulus so it was exactly what I thought the piece should be about. The second piece was based around the products that the whales ended up as and the human world on whaling. ...read more.

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