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World music

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World music World music is basically any type of music from all around the world. This music is generally noticeable from the other countries, either by instruments used, or lyrically it is different. These things are what make it easy to tell the difference between the different countries and what type of music it is. World music can be anything from different countries so it may sound different to how we expect music to sound like, for example gamelan music is mainly a set of tuned bronze gongs. This is what people from the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali are used to hearing, whereas Great Britain and most of the rest of the world are not used to hearing. This is because we are used to hearing things which have been tuned differently. Gamelan is one type of world music in which gongs are hit in a pattern. Gamelan music differs between the islands of Java and Bali. ...read more.


The Balinese gangsa differs from the Javanese because the keys make a louder sound and are designed to be struck with different hammers. This instrument also requires long resonating bamboo tubes so is played while sitting on a chair or bench. It has five keys (1, 2, 3, 5, and 6). This pattern is commonly found in both Java and Bali. It plays at submultiples of the pokok and is played particularly at important structural points as do the gongs. The Jublag is the next higher pitched of the gangsa, this instrument also requires long resonating bamboo tubes so is often played while sitting on a chair or bench. The Balinese version has 5 keys (1, 2, 3, 5, and 6) seven key Jublag are also commonly found in Bali. It usually plays at submultiples of the pokok; the keys are struck more frequently than the jegogan and usually less frequently than the Ugal. It is one octave above the jegogan and shares tones with the Ugal. Another name for the Jublag is Calung. ...read more.


It is a small horizontal gong mounted to absorb some vibration The Ceng-ceng consists of 4 or 5 horizontally mounted pairs of cymbals; each pair differs in diameter and thickness and creates differing pitches. The Trompong is a series of small horizontal gongs. It seldom carries the pokok; however, it provides melodic leadership and often ornaments the pokok. The instrument is played by one player. It shares all tones with the Reyong and incorporates some Ugal tones. Gamelan music is learnt by oral tradition which means that it has been taught by ear and not written down although some of it is written down by people so that people in other countries can play it. Balinese gamelan is more rhythmic that Javanese. Gamelan music is cyclic and develops through repetition wit variation. The leader gives the signals with a drum to keep everyone in time. This person is the one who keeps everything in time so is important, although the players would say that everyone was equally important. This is only one of the types of world music there are hundreds if not thousands more which I haven't mentioned. ...read more.

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