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All ethical statements are prescriptive. Discuss

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?All Ethical Statements are prescriptive? The Philosopher R.M. Hare came up with the idea of prescriptivism and what he meant by this basically was that other people should agree with a statement and follow it due to ethical statements having an intrinsic sense. The role of ethical statements is to say what ?ought? to be done and such prescriptions are moral because they are universal. Hare then goes on to talk about the word ?good? and that we should always link it in relation to a set of standards, and this therefore means it has a descriptive meaning, However A J Ayer?s theory of emotivism allows people to make decisions more efficiently due to the theory describing the workings of the world accurately. ...read more.


Prescribing what a person ought to do isn?t what they should do, it?s what they are being told to do to allow society to function adequately which could be argued as not living. However a prescriptivist may argue that people need to integrate in society better together. Moral education such as knowing how to act will aid people to respect and which enforces one of prescriptivism?s ideas, allowing people to live and remain in harmony. Yet its counter-productive act to add importance to the integration of society, it?s foolish to make people have constant ethical action when we are all different. Happiness, sadness right and wrong varies from one to another, therefore to universalise an act and then command people that they are obligated to do it because it?s the right or wrong thing to do is meaningless. ...read more.


On the other hand. If one person?s truth was to harm everyone in sight and the other to help everyone in sight, the actions and statements would be completely different. Therefore it is essential that an objective moral truth is displayed and recognised by society. On the other hand you could put forward that Moral views and perspectives are down to early child experiences, the way you are brought up moulds your viewpoints and attitudes. For example If the person in the above example who wanted to harm everyone was brought up in a non-safe environment and experienced a bad childhood its needless to say that his viewpoints would be completely different to someone of the opposite childhood. So what I mean is that you cannot assume that everyone?s ethical statements are derived from an objective truth, they can merely be from experience. ...read more.

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