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Discursive Essay Beauty Contests.

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Discursive Essay Beauty Contests Siobhan Lawless Beauty contests are popular in many parts of the world. They command are enormous television audience worldwide of three billion viewers in one hundred and fifteen countries, and so entertain millions. Many people object to them on the grounds that they exploit women. The issue of exploitation has been raised by many feminists who believe that these kinds of contests these contests are demeaning to women. One important objection to beauty contests is that they add to the pressure that is put on women as they promote an idea of female beauty, to which only a minority of woman can realistically aspire to. ...read more.


Many Hollywood actresses such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone are former beauty queens, who would simply not have had the opportunities they have had without winning the beauty contests. Another argument against beauty contests is that women in beauty contests are judged on their physical appearance rather than on any other qualities that they may possess. Judging women but not men primarily on their looks, contributes to the subjugation of women because other qualities such as intelligence are not seen as part of ideal feminity and therefore not as things to which women should aspire. On the other hand it is often stated that people enjoy beauty contests. Many women enjoy entering them, and many people enjoy watching them, and nobody is forced to do either. ...read more.


There were demonstrations against Miss World by feminists and Hindu nationalists when it was held in Bangalore in 1996. The last argument in favour of beauty contests is that there is nothing wrong with judging people primarily on their physical appearance. We do it all the time in competitive sport where fitness and strength are major determinants of success. Every competition of every kind values certain qualities over others. So a prize can be given to a beautiful woman, for her beauty without implying that beauty is all that matters about anyone. After having presented the evidence, I firmly believe that beauty contests are inclined to exploit women and I feel this is wrong. The kind of image of a woman that these contests promote can put contestants in danger of developing eating disorders. ...read more.

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