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Explain the work of one religious agency working for world development.

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Explain the work of one religious agency working for world development Christian Aid was established in 1945 when the Second World War was drawing to an end. A coalition of British and Irish Churches formed 'Christian Aid' with an aim to aid as many people as possible who had been affected by the war. In 1948 the organisation decided it was in order to raise money for third world countries. Christian Aid has since expanded over sixty countries worldwide. Christian Aid recieves a majority of its revenue from the Governments of Ireland, Britian and The European Union (The EU) and also from the help of supporters and donators. ...read more.


Many residents had no jobs or practical skills to offer which meant they were not very rich and lived in poor conditions. The MCCSS have taken on life projects to provide countries like this with proper housing, healthcare, sanitation and education. Christian Aid also helps other countries such as; Cambadia, Ethiopia, India, Sudan and Uganda. In these battles Christian Aid helps with hunger and poverty. Christian Aid is not a group of Christians helping other countries. It is an organisation, started by the Churches, in which Christians and Non-Christians work together to help all in great need, whatever their religion, politics, colour or country. Christian Aid is religious because Christians concerned about the worlds poorest countries, founded it. ...read more.


Christian Aid has argued that poverty is caused and often made worse, by the more developed countries such as Britain. An example of this would be that in past decades Western Governments and banks lent billions of pounds to developing countries who now, cannot repay the debts. Christian Aid argue that the interest that the poorer countries are having to pay on top of their debts, is draining the wealth out of these developing countries. So Christian Aid and many other agencies campaign to cancel these debts so that the poorer countries can concentrate on developing their countries without worrying about their on-growing debts. Overall, Christian Aid was founded to express the concerns of Christians towards those whom were facing hardship, hunger and war. Christian Aid has certainly fulfilled its initial cause and has moved on to aiding many more. By Sejal Madlani ...read more.

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