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Some ethical theories are of more help than others when making decisions about sexual issues

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Some ethical theories are of more help than others when making decisions about sexual issues. Discuss. The many sexual issues include the topics of homosexuality, prostitution, extra martial affairs, contraception and sex before marriage, with many of the theories giving their view on what is right or wrong. Aquinas theory of natural law is one that says no to mostly all sexual issues. He thought that sex had three purposes, to reproduce, provide pleasure and to bind a husband and wife together. So with that he completely argues against the use of contraception and also homosexuality. ...read more.


Meaning that the theory is easy to follow and treats everybody as equal, everyone knows what the right thing to do in a situation is. However it is an idea that is very outdated. As culture changes so do the views and attitudes of people. So in times today homosexually and the use of contraception is alot more acceptable and happens more often. Aquinas' ideas are no longer a strict set of rules people feel they have to follow so in more modern days it is not seen as useful. Utilitarian's take a more pleasure seeking approach to sexual issues, they are drawn towards pleasure seeking and reducing pain. ...read more.


The problem with this theory is that its hard to predict what consequences outcomes have. It depends on being able to decide if a sexual issue will have high [pleasure or not. Howver its hard to measure exavlt what pleasure is, what may be pleasurable for someone may be painful for another. So the theory can't be used well to make decisions on sexual issues as everyones interoprpetattion of what is pleasurable is different. They theory also doe not take into account minorties who will not be benefitting from this pleasure, for example the other plartenr involved in an affair. For them t=it will be painful but they theory completely ignores them, meaning it cant be useful as it treats peopke unfairly. ...read more.

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