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Describe the influences of genetic, environmental and socio - economic factors on the development of the individual

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Describe the influences of genetic, environmental and socio - economic factors on the development of the individual P5 - There are many factors that can affect an individual's life, and in this report I will cover the influences of genetic, environmental and socio-economic factors on the development of an individual. Genetic influences Steve Jones (1993) explains that genetics is a language, "a set of inherited instructions passed from generation to generation'. Jones argues that genes are like the words in a language. The way genes are arranged can be seen as the rules for language much like grammar. Genetics also have a literature, 'the thousands of instructions needed to make a human being'. Genes contain the information needed to make living organisms. This information is held in the DNA. Each nucleus in each cell of a living person contains this genetic material. To be alive, you will have had to have a code of genetics to guide the construction of your body. This body could not have been built if there were no materials and no environment to build it in. some individuals may have the genetic potential to grow tall but will not be able to if they do not have substantial amounts of protein in their diet. ...read more.


Genes control the sequence of human development; so many abilities like walking and talking seem to be unfolding from within a growing child. This unfolding process is often called maturation. Maturation is not a simple matter of genetics however. The environment a person grows up in will also influence how development unfolds. Environmental influences There are many environmental issues that influence a person's life. Environmental influences can mean many things. Children are often influenced by family and friends, looking up to older siblings etc. however this is not always a good thing. If children grow up with an abusive father or mother they could be influenced by their tendencies and have the same traits rubbed off on them. Children are immediately affected by the behaviour of the people in their family, but the people in this family are influenced by the wider issues such as culture. The main environmental influences on the development of the individual are noise, which can lead to hearing difficulties, Pollution, leading to respiratory problems, and food, due to additives and E-numbers causing hyperactivity and in some cases even diabetes. Drug Problems causing addictions and heavy crime in their area causing greed, can also both lead to an individual not being able to self - actualise therefore leaving them feeling lacking in life. ...read more.


By not being able to attend school their education would be severely deprived, they would have very little chance of higher education and would therefore try to gain a job. However with no qualifications this would be very hard, if they did find a job it would be unskilled and probably very low pay. This would mean they would be of a lower social class and would also force them into unskilled work. Overall there are a number of socio - economic issues that can directly deprive or accelerate our development. The issues I have examined are just a few on a huge topic. However, genetic, environmental, and socio - economic issues on development are changing for a majority of different reasons: science is now prolonging life and health for many people, reproduction no longer has to start in early adulthood, as it is now possible for women to still give birth in their 50's, retirement can be optional and even temporary and gender and family roles are no longer set in concrete. All of these issues can effect an individuals development in many different ways. Overall, there are many influences on the development of an individual. The three main ones that I have studied in this report are genetic, environmental and socio - economic issues. ...read more.

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