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Investigative the factors which effect respiration.

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Investigative the factors which effect respiration Osmosis is a kind of diffusion, when membrane has tiny holes in it, which let small molecules though it, and not let bigger ones though like sugar. It's important because it lets photosynthesis happen and if it doesn't no water or minerals equals no sugar which means it would get minerals deficiency disease. Sugar effects how much water the plant absorbs. These are some of the factors i could change: Sugar concentration Size of potatoes But the one i will change will be concentration of the sugar solution i will start off with no sugar 0.0 then go up in two 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8. ...read more.


I intend my experiment to demonstrate that a potato chip placed in sugar will increase size due to sugar water ends the vacuoles of cells by osmosis. The equipment i will need to carry out this experiment are: boiling tubes, measuring cycled, scales (electric), potatoes, potatoes cutter, knife, sugar solution. What i am going to do? I got all of the equipment together, cut all 15 potato chips the same length and width, and measured out 15cm3 of sugar solution. (0,0 0.1 0,4 0,6 0,8) i weight the chips before i put them in the sugar. ...read more.


The lower the concentration the heavy the mass at 0.3 there should be no change it the mass. The least will be the one that has the highest concentration in sugar. Conclusion For my results the experiment worked well and my perdition was right the more concentrated the solution the lights the chips got and 0.3 there should be no change, which was right. My result have showed what i wanted it to the high the concentrated the lighter they got. There were no results, which look wrong everything fitted in well. I did not exclude any of my results because they were wrong. Next time i could try heating the solution above room temperature to see what happen. By Michael ireland ...read more.

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