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Technical documentation - Design specification.

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Technical Documentation Design Specification The system is required to calculate the weekly income including bonuses and tips for each driver, and also the weekly Income for the Boss. The system should be able to tell automatically which drivers are to be taxed and which ones shouldn't. It should be able to compare which drivers earned well and which drivers didn't earn so well. Printouts of work and income details of each driver should be available from the simple click of a button. Navigating around the necessary spreadsheets in the workbook should be made simple with the use of fully working buttons that run macros that replace tab clicking. Hardware Required Minimum Specification for PC: Pentium 200 Mhz 64 MB Memory SVGA Monitor 5 MB of free HD space Software Required Windows 95 Operating System (or above) Microsoft Excel Opening and configuring spreadsheet To open the spreadsheet, open the file harveys.xls To configure the lay out of the spreadsheet, click on the ON or OFF buttons on the Calculations worksheet. OFF Button runs GridOff macro The OFF button switches off the Standard and Formatting Toolbars, sheet tabs, column and row headings. The Off button also changes the font colour of the hidden cells (i.e. cell link values) white, on the Calculations worksheet ON Button runs GridOn macro The ON button switches on the Standard and Formatting Toolbars, sheet tabs, column and row headings. The ON button also changes the font of the hidden cells to black, on the Calculations worksheet. ...read more.


If the value of I23 is larger than 80, then the TaxRate (value found in Rates sheet) is multiplied by I23 and the value returned in I25. If the value from I23 isn't larger than 80 then 0 is returned in I25 After Tax Cell I26 contains the formula =I23-I25 The value of I25 is subtracted from I23 is returned into I26 Data sheet This sheet is for referencing data from the Calculations sheet. Therefore whatever data is changed in the Calculations sheet, will also be changed automatically in the Data sheet. Cell A2 =Calculations!B25 - Looks up cell B25 in the Calculations sheet Cell B2 =Calculations!B24 Cell C2 =Calculations!D8 Cell D2 =Calculations!I8 Cell E2 =Calculations!B23 Cell F2 =Calculations!I10 Cell G2 =Calculations!E17 Cell H2 =Calculations!E18 Cell I2 =Calculations!F20 Cell J2 =Calculations!I17 Cell K2 =Calculations!I23 Cell L2 =Calculations!I25 Cell M2 =Calculations!I26 Cell N2 =Calculations!I3 Print Out sheet This sheet is a template ready for printing and displays information from the Data sheet which gets it's info from looking up the Calculations sheet. Rates sheet These formulas were used so that if cells E14, E16 and E19 had content deleted a warning statement would appear in the cell next them E14 =IF(D14="","Don't Leave blank!","") E16 =IF(D16="","Don't Leave blank!","") E19 =IF(D19="","Don't Leave blank!","") Income sheet At the top half of the sheet, data that has been transferred from the Data sheet is stored. Column J is named Total_Bonus Column K is named Total_Income Column L is named Tax Column M is named After_Tax Column N is named Date All Drivers' Bonus Total D23=SUM(Total_Bonus) ...read more.


Yes Rates worksheet Tips_Input Brings up input box for cell range Tips Yes Calculations sheet ViewCars Switches workbook to Cars sheet Yes Calculations sheet ViewDrivers Switches workbook to Drivers sheet Yes Calculations sheet User Forms Welcome From The front end of the spreadsheet program is the Welcome user form. The spreadsheet isn't accessible without going through first because it's loaded from the auto_open macro. These first few lines in the auto_open macro bring up the Welcome form at the start. Sub auto_open() Load WelcomeForm WelcomeForm.Show The limousine and title images was placed into the form using the picture box control and the Picture property to use the files limo.jpg and logo.jpg respectively. The label tool was used to write out "Wage Calculator" and the address. The form has 3 Buttons on it: Exit, Enter and About This button brings up a message box with vb yes and no buttons. Code: Private Sub cmdExit_Click() Response = MsgBox("Do you wish to exit?", vbYesNo + vbExclamation, "Exit") If Response = vbYes Then Application.Quit End If End Sub This button hides the form and enables access to the spreadsheet. Code: Private Sub cmdEnter_Click() WelcomeForm.Hide End Sub This button shows the About form Code: Private Sub cmdAbout_Click() AboutForm.Show End Sub About Form This form is accessed through the About button on the welcome form or clicking on the Harvey's logo on the calculations sheet. The picture box shows the file JessicaHarvey.jpg and the text shown on the form were created with the use of the label tool. The Close button hides the form Code: Private Sub cmdClose_Click() AboutForm.Hide End Sub ...read more.

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