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The moral and ethical issues associated with recombinant DNA technology.

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The moral and ethical issues associated with recombinant DNA technology Advantages of recombinant DNA technology: Gene therapy: Can be used to cure genetic diseases an example of a proven case would be the bubble boy disease commonly known as ADA. (The body has no immunity, and the baby has to be put in a bubble to stop germs infecting) This disease inherited from the parents is caused by the missing or damaged enzyme adenosine deaminase, normally treated with injections of the enzyme. "As the injections don't completely restore the immune system. This was the first use of gene therapy in the USA, a copy of the normal genes for ADA enzymes were inserted into an inactive virus that was put in to the patients' immune system (Tcells) ...read more.


Are just some of the questions that are asked. Using technology like this has already help cure diseases like cystic fibrosis and can help many more. Genetically altered bacteria: you can develop bacteria to do certain task s not possible such as "put them on to a oil spill were they can digest the oil and reduce pollution"(2). As well as this u can get rock eating bacteria used by industrial chemist. They use bacteria to produce copper, "10% of copper is produced in this way in the US. The bacteria feed off chalcopyrite"(7 ) a copper ore. Transgenic animals: an experiment in the USA which "implanted an alien gene in a monkey"(3) ...read more.


Morally and ethically the RSCPA are saying that it's wrong. But Transgenic animals can be used in other ways such as producing insulin, interferon and other hormones that some people lack. This is done by "inserting the gene for human interferon (a protein that helps to destroy viruses) in to an egg. The cow has all the gene in all of her cells and produces human interferon which is secreted in her milk."(1) Molecular farming: is the growth of "transgenic plants that contain health care products, such as vaccines and pharmasuticles"(5) to me this is a great idea especially for developing countries were healthcare products are not available or too expensive. I think that this is morally and ethically right. But if allowed it could fall into evil hands and people could develop poisons and other harmful chemicals and this could lead to biological warfare. ...read more.

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