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Analysing my media diet

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Omar Jundi Media Studies Coursework Introduction In this assignment I will be analysing my media diet and discussing the media products I consume. I am doing this because I want to analyse the amount of media products I consume in one day, the range of media products I use and how the media affects me. My favourite media appliance is the radio; because I like music and radio is good as a secondary medium i.e. it can be on in the background while I do my homework, while it is difficult to do your homework at the same time as watching television, because it grabs too much of your attention, which makes it a primary medium. Other media appliances I own include a PC, a games console and a modem. Stage 1 Product Title Reason 1 TV Programme The Simpsons Comedy 2 Film Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon Good Special Effects 3 Radio Show Chris Moyles Show Quick humour 4 Music CD Discovery: Daft Punk Best album I've heard 5 TV Programme Family Guy Good Comedy 6 Film Gladiator Fight Sequences 7 TV Programme Trigger Happy TV Great Pranks 8 TV Programme Big Brother Reality TV 9 Radio Show Mark & Lard Show Their Comedy 10 Music CD Reveal: REM Good album Stage 2 My favourite media product is The Simpsons, an American cartoon comedy on television. ...read more.


It is essential to study media representations of ourselves because they affect people's perception of us. Teenage stereotypes are usually based on characters in TV programmes and the news. They lead people to assume that all teenagers are stroppy, or geeks, or drug addicts, or hooligans. It makes the public fearful of teenagers, and we end up being stared at when we walk around with our friends. It is a real shame because most teenagers are not like this Most of us do not listen to punk music at it's loudest, or smoke in public, or swear at our parents. Also most of us have a decent dress sense. However there is a small minority that gets all the media attention, because they are the ones who bring society down, and so are more important for the media to mention, which in turn means that they affect people's stereotypes a lot more. Stage 5 Content Analysis is a method of examining how people are represented in the media. It involves measuring the number of times a particular representation occurs and drawing conclusions about them. Content analysis is important because people have to know if they are being unfairly represented n the media. ...read more.


The only criticism may be that school is not the perfect place for the photo to be taken, as it looks gloomier than I had intended. Conclusion In this assignment I have learned that different target audiences require different stereotypes. While a passive member of the audience may accept negative stereotypes, an active teenage audience would know that these stereotypes are not necessarily true of all teenagers. For this reason teenage magazines show positive stereotypes, because teenagers would rather read about how nice they are rather than how annoying they are. Therefore teenagers must not get sucked in to these stereotypes be being passive about the media they consume, because they would be damaging their own view of teenagers because of the medias narrow-mindedness. My favourite media product, The Simpsons, uses teenage stereotypes by taking them to the extreme, so that the teenager becomes comically geeky, stroppy or dumb. Benefits for teenage media consumers include being entertained, and programs having a cathartic effect. It may also cause imitation, which is good in some cases. I have learnt that one should remain active when consuming a media product, and not let the media brainwash me into changing my view of teenagers and myself. The best way to construct a realistic representation of a teenager is to be part of the teenage community and know what teenagers are like. The Trouble is, most of the media just aren't that dedicated! ...read more.

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