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Any sociological explanation of the influence of the mass media needs to take into account the social situation of the audience. Explain and evaluate the social situation expressed in this situation

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RACHEL NAMUDDU ANY SOCIOLOGICAL EXPLANATION OF THE INFLUENCE OF THE MASS MEDIA NEEDS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE SOCIAL SITUATION OF THE AUDIENCE. EXPLAIN AND EVALUATE THE SOCIAL SITUATION EXPRESSED IN THIS SITUATION The social situation of the audience should always be taken into hand in any sociological explanation of the influence of the mass media, as it is the audience that shapes and characters the audience. Various theories analyse the extent to which the mass media affects the audience. Theories such as the Hypodermic syringe model view information and values are injected by the media into the audience who are passive like a patient in the hospital according to this theory the media has a huge influence on the audience this theory takes into account the social situation of the audience and will therefore inject the right type of information and values to suite each type of social class. Another theory that analyses the extent to which the mass media affects us is the Two Step Flow model. ...read more.


This polarized the audience. In this particular incident the media done three things exaggerated, prediction and symbolization. Mass media is always closely linked to the influence of violence. Critics argue that it is the media that has the most influential implications over people. There have been many studies on violence and the media; if we look at Medved's study we could argue that if we listen to certain music we are becoming desensitised and there are lots of popular music, which contains such language. This study is back up the several ways in which people can react to violent media. They are; imitation: imitating what we see on t.v. Sensitisation: people that are shocked by what the see on t.v but do not behave in a violent manner. Desensitisation: exposure to sex and violence making audience feeling very casual and unfeeling about it. Cathartic: watching violence and sex that provides an outlet for peoples energy enabling them to release strong emotions. ...read more.


This study faced many criticism one being that different boys used for the study and by 8 years a lot of children have seen a lot of media and also criticised the way violence was defined. Eysenck made a clinical case study in a youth detention centre. He interviewed boys and showed them clips of media whilst monitoring their heart, pulse and sweat rate. And found that these rates raised as they watched different types of media. He thinks the media is defiantly having effects on society. His main criticism was those labs studies are criticised because you cant recreate natural behaviour in artificial conditions; they were all young offenders not representatives of people in general. In mass media social situation is not always taken into account when explain the influence of the media. In some cases there is not enough implications as to which social situation the theory fits into thus making it a weak study as to define why the mass media does have influence on its audience. But on a whole sociological explanation do aim to find out the extent to which the media affects it audience. ...read more.

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