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Censorship in 21st century

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Censorship in 21st century Censorship is the control of speech and other forms of human expression. In many cases, it is exercised by governing bodies. The visible motive of censorship is often to stabilize or improve the society that the government would have control over. What is censored may range from specific language to entire concepts and it may be influenced by value systems and may cause offence to some social and religious groups. It is most commonly applied to acts that occur in public circumstances, and the reason governments want it is to suppress ideas that may appear violent and immoral that may effect people's opinion of human ways of life, that has been expressed in the media and also influence children to behave in such a manner as this. This has produced controversy to people who believe in the Freedom of information Act, people believe that some things that are being banned are human expressions that should be address to the whole public. ...read more.


A more well-known incident would be the James Bulger case in which two older children about 9 or 10 had watched "Child's play 3" which had been classified as an 18 and committed murder on 4 year old James in a similar manner to actions taken in the film. Soon after which a further restriction was given out in 1994 from the BBFC (the British Board of Film Classification), which made people aware of the dangers of the corruption these films can have on impressionable children. It makes you wonder after these particular incidents, whether or not these films had any influence on the children, or is it just how they had been brought up and may have picked up violent behaviour from relations or friends. It is the parent's responsibility in this case to reinforce this by setting a good example by being a positive adult role model. If so what gives the government the right to restrict such films, preventing other young people who want to see them, who realise the meaning of right and wrong and are not vulnerable or likely to be effected by the violence they may witness. ...read more.


The threats from paedophiles have increased over the years because of kids gaining access to chat rooms to people from all around the world. An easy form of communication internationally but concerns of personal details of a particular person get let out and threats become severe. Thats why in my opinion individual freedom is a bad thing because peoples privacy is at stake. With this in mind parents should secure all information and text that shouldn't be shown to children. The people who decide on what to censor established themselves under the 1930 Film Act, theatre owners and broadcasters had to submit films that they planned to show to the Film Censorship Board for review. The Board is composed of officials representing the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of University Affairs, the military, the Department of Religious Affairs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The board may ban films if its requirements that portions of the film be removed are not met. Unfortunately because of such a powerful board many of the viewing audience's opinions are ignored because of a particular film being unsuitable for ranges of different groups. ?? ?? ?? ?? Leo Magill 13CD 9088 ...read more.

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