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Censorship-is it Right or Wrong?

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Kyle Karim Censorship-is it Right or Wrong? The issue of censorship always provides an interesting debate. There are many intelligent and very valid arguments for and against the issue. However I strongly believe that the act of censorship is wrong. I believe that all films, songs and television programs should be released uncut from any government or senior authority intervention. A film or piece of music is a work of art, thus it should be marketed as its creator intended. Because of this the cutting of a film or censoring of a song is the same as the mutilation of a painting or an act of vandalism. Indeed musicians are often referred to as artists and this especially true of those that right there own music, it reflects their emotions and feeling and who has the right to censor someone's feelings, past and emotions. In the case of films censorship is widely used as a marketing ploy. ...read more.


unwillingness to allow some would be censors to tamper with their message and their art In the case of videos just because some parents cannot or will not be responsible for the welfare of their children does not mean that we should suffer. The majority of parents are responsible and know something about how their child's mind works and take it upon themselves to make sure that they know the difference between the world of film and the real world. They also censor the movies their children watch themselves. The children that's parents choose not to take an interest in there life and what they are watching and doing in their spare time have much deeper and more serious issues that will not be solves by the banning or cutting of films. On top of this two thirds of households in this country do not contain someone under the age of 16, I therefore think it is na�ve to ban a form of art merely because it might be taken into one of the other third. ...read more.


After all every video player has a stop and an eject button. I would also, like many European countries have already, make the watershed later, but after the watershed anything goes-no censoring. Art should not target a major market, it's the monotonous constant Hollywood 'blockbusters' that do so. Real art with a real moving message should not be tampered with it should be offered to the world unexpurgated and uncut. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, 'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.' Thus making censorship an absolute breach of ones human right. Unfortunately, this world is not safe, censored or kind. It consists of murderers, rapists, and some intensely sick people. Why should we be forced to have our artists and our creative people's thoughts feelings idea's and emotions of the world culled and conformed to make sure its 'safe'? ...read more.

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