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Ethnic Identity Homework

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Ethnic Identity Homework 1. Reactions to racism come in many different forms. There are protests, violent protests, riots, sometimes they retreat to their own homes and often they retreat to small minority groups in different parts of either a big town or city. In Brick Lane, East end of London in 1880 -1900's when Jewish immigrants came to the UK it was a huge place for the minority race to go. Brick Lane was packed full of Jews and prostitutes looking for trade off the Jews. Any time a Jew was out of place by maybe travelling up North to Tottenham or South to Millwall they would be shouted at and physically abused. They made a stand and retreated and conformed in the East End. Slowly the Jewish phase of Brick Lane came to an end and people had started accepting them around London. ...read more.


They are easily the poorest group in Britain. 2. Those Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in work are likely to earn only as much as two thirds of the earnings white men do doing the same job. 3. On average Pakistani and Bangladeshi households have a smaller income than a white household but they also have to support a lot more people usually than in a white household. 4. Pakistani and Bangladeshi men are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than white men. 5. In Pakistani and Bangladeshi housing there is serious overcrowding. Evidence to show that the statement about Chinese and Indian people is correct, is the following: 1. Indian men are well presented in professional and managerial jobs, and among prosperous small businesses. 2. Indian and Chinese men are doing a lot better than Pakistani and Bangladeshi men because although their average earnings isn't as high as white men it is a lot higher than Pakistani and Bangladeshi men. ...read more.


b.) Racism can affect identity by: 1. Systems that make people believe that every single person of that identity is the same. 2. Cultures have different traditions and in some cultures people judge different ethnic identities on their religion. 3. Music can affect your identity heavily. Reggae music is known to be listened to by Rastafarians. Rap music is often criticised as being listened to by the black youth community. c.) Butler says ethnic identity such as young female British-Asians negotiate there associations with traditions and religion. E.g. this may mean adopting Western ideas about education and careers whilst retaining respect for their traditional religion and culture. d.) Johal's ideas focus on the second and third generation British-Asians. He says that they have a dual-identity in that they inherit the Asian identity and adopt a British one to. He notes that British-Asians often adopt a position of cultural selection where they chose which culture they prefer and switch from their traditional one to the new one. Peter Winwood Homework 29/11/2004 ...read more.

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