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Explore the ways in which European values and customs are shown to effect African Society in DMP, SW and TR

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Explore the ways in which European values and customs are shown to effect African Society in DMP, SW and TR Dead Men's Path is written by Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian who has grown up with European customs effecting traditional African society. In this short story he explores these effects on African society. The story follows Michael Obi, a young headmaster recently appointed headmaster of Ndume Central School. Obi is a very desirable man and wanted to turn the backward school into a modern, successful school. He is completely against traditional views of older Africans and does not hesitate to condemn their views. He expects nothing but true dedication from his unmarried staff and he sets work on making the school compound into a beautiful place. There is a path which connects the village shrine with the villager's place of burial. Obi is shocked by this and immediately plants heavy sticks across the path. A few days later he is confronted by a village priest who had heard about the blockage of the path. Obi remains stubborn and does not remove the sticks. ...read more.


Neo's relatives recognise that he has chosen Neo so that he and her may become rich in no time. The aunts on both sides are the representation of tradition and modernity in the story. Kegoletile's aunts' representing the culture and what is lost. They demonstrate the importance of manners and tradition in the culture. " 'That girl has no manners!' the relatives would remark. 'What's the good of an education if it goes to someone's head so badly they have no respect for the people? Oh, she is not a person' ". The African wedding is quite similar to our wedding in some aspects. Instead of having the bride's father to give his daughter away the aunts give the bride away. Other similarities include celebrations after the wedding. The Train from Rhodesia is set in a train station in Rhodesia. A train arrives at this station full of Europeans on holiday. As the train arrives many Africans rush up to the train to try and sell various items to the Europeans. A little girl throws chocolates to the dogs. ...read more.


The young man buys the lion for his wife for a bargain price of only one-and-six baas. He shows his wife what he has bought but surprisingly she is not very happy. She questions him as to why if he wanted the lion didn't he purchase it earlier. This shows that she feels sorry for the old man. She thinks it is wrong that he has bought the lion for a cheap price when it such a beautiful piece of work which would have taken a long time to make. In all three stories, European customs are shown to affect African society. In Dead Men's Path the headmaster is influenced by European beliefs and he shows no respect for the African beliefs and pays the price for this, in Snapshots of a Wedding Neo has a western education and pays disrespect to everyone. The man who marries her is not interested in her as a person but the money he could gain from marrying her. Finally, in the Train from Rhodesia an old man who is fighting mass production is exploited by a European as the old man has no choice but to sell the item cheaply so he can get some money to feed his family. James Smye 4PL ...read more.

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