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Family Diversity

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Family Diversity There are many different reasons for the diversity in family forms in Britain today. Most sociologists believe that Britain has family diversity; this means many different types of families. Families found in Britain today include, nuclear, meaning mother, father and children; extended, meaning grandparents, parents and children; single parent; reconstituted, meaning step family and cereal packet family; this is how the media show the family, they show the woman as the housewife and mother and the man as the wage earner. There are many advantages to being in a nuclear family. This type of family has been acceptable for many years; it has never been unacceptable to be in this type of family. Children benefit from being brought up with both birth parents and they are also able to trace their origins. Due to being in a nuclear family, children benefit more from a stable environment. Children raised in a family with the same parents during their growing years have a higher likelihood of having stability in their relationship and emotional bonding rather than children growing up in a single-parent family have higher chances of feeling a sense of loss in relation to the ...read more.


The child gets support from both parent figures, even though it's not their birth parent, they can sometimes been seen as this. There are also disadvantages to a reconstituted family, some of these are; children may feel jealous of the new parent and compete for the birth parent's attention. The children can also feel resentment towards the step parent of vice versa; this can complicate a lot the relationship and sometimes even destroy it. There is also homosexuality involved in families. These are same-sex families and can have also both its advantages and disadvantages. Parents in same-sex families usually get a wider choice of family members in their family. They get the opportunity to pick who will be part of the family, through adoption or sperm donors. It has become much more acceptable in the UK as from before which it was looked down upon. On the other hand some may argue that children won't have much stability as they will not have either a female or male figure whilst growing up. Overall research, Fitzgerald 1999, has shown that children raised by gay or lesbian parents are no different to those raised by heterosexuals. ...read more.


They are also mainly nuclear as divorce rates are very low in Asian families because this is something wrong. Cohabitation is usually unheard of and this is something they believe is disrespectful. Whereas Afro-Caribbean families have a higher rate of single parents families. At least 50% of Afro-Caribbean families are lone parent families. It helps that there are many more kinship networks. All these things also contribute to reasons why there is family diversity. There are many advantages to having a multicultural as it brings a wider knowledge of cultures within the family instead of knowing of just one. It also helps in the whole concept of being diverse. The down side to multicultural families is that different cultures have different traditions and regimes which some people just can't handle and this can cause a breakdown in the family but if two people truly want to be together then they can overcome all the problems that culture brings. In conclusion, there are many different reasons to why there is family diversity and there is no main reason to it, it consists of many different things, and many more which have yet to be discovered. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniela Goncalves 12D ...read more.

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