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In what ways did the British Government attempt to hide the effect of the Blitz from the people of Britain

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In what ways did the British Government attempt to hide the effect of the Blitz from the people of Britain? Censorship played a vital role in hiding the negative effects of the war and controlling public opinion. Censorship is hiding or deleting parts of information. Photos, texts, statistics and information were all edited. The government had overtaken the media and carefully selected positive information and sometimes-irrelevant information to mislead civilians and control people's opinions. Censorship was a strategic military action to mislead the enemy into thinking Britain was winning. The most important factor for censorship was to prevent the enemy from getting too much information. It was used to boost civilian's morale because if they knew the truth, they might riot in the streets, forcing the government to surrender. ...read more.


If it wasn't censored, the Germans would exaggerate it to be a huge victory and the British would assume they were losing. The government blamed it on the bombing reassured people that it was safe. Censorship didn't quite boost morale but it definitely kept it from going down, propaganda was used mainly for boosting morale. Propaganda is information that is spread to promote a cause. The most important reason for propaganda was to boost morale in times of hardship. Also, it was used so people would contribute to the war effort. Even though sometimes the items weren't used, but it made people feel as though they had done their bit. It was used to pressure parents to send their children away to the countryside. ...read more.


Propaganda was shown in many ways such as films, the radio and posters, which were everywhere. The most significant and successful method of propaganda was posters because they were everywhere and it promoted safety precautions. They were designed to have catchy phrases and made people laugh, this would make them remember the message within the poster. Propaganda also promoted unity so that people wouldn't turn on each other. Normal life was also promoted so people didn't panic and cause riots. The duty of women was emphasized because they were important in keeping the family together. Stories were invented and victories of the R.A.F were exaggerated to again, boost morale. Statistics were also exaggerated, perhaps in an attempt to trick the enemy into believing they were losing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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