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Is the nuclear family universal nowadays?

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Is the nuclear family universal nowadays? Nuclear family consist a husband and wife and one or more children, own or adopted, it is defined by Murdock, and according to him, he believed that the nuclear family is 'a universal social grouping.' There are statistics shows the development of diversity of family, such as cohabiting, lone-parent, reconstituted, gay and lesbian families. In Britain, 26% of families with dependent children were headed by lone parents in 2000(Social Trends,2002), 24% of non-married men and women under 60 were cohabiting in 2005.(Social Trends,2007) ...read more.


Murdock defined the family as social group characterized by common residence, consisting of adults both sexes and depended children. We can consider family as being universal since all children in order to have an adequate socialization have to have their parents with them in early stage of life. The figures are increasing around the world, since people are tolerating the other forms of family. Governments are start to admit all type of family especially in Western countries, for example, the Civil partnership Act in 2005 in Britain which grant same-sex couple identical rights and responsibilities as the opposite-sex couples do. ...read more.


The majority of British children still live in couple-headed households, up to 76% in 2006.(Social Trends, 2007).Most Asian households are based on nuclear families. Most importantly, the idea of the Universal Nuclear Family is so widely accepted due to the attention receives in the media. And the Governments seem to be more preferable to nuclear family, as the nuclear family can be a nurturing environment in which to raise children as long as there is love, time spent with children, emotional support, low stress, and a stable economic environment. So, although there is an increasing diversity of family, nuclear family is still universal now. ...read more.

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