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Learning Disabilities and Misunderstanding. In Bayntons Disability and the Justification of Inequality of America, he states that disability is the heart of discrimination.

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´╗┐Learning Disabilities and Misunderstanding Many Students around the world suffer from learning disabilities. These disabilities usually go unrecognized until it is too late and the student starts to fall behind in class, these children are often the brunt of much criticism from fellow students. In Baynton?s ?Disability and the Justification of Inequality of America?, he states that disability is the heart of discrimination. This is usually because people don?t really understand a person?s disability. If more people knew about disabilities and understood the struggles that people with them went through then they would probably respect them much more. These children would have less pressure from peers and probably have an easier time in school. Baynton describes many instances of how disability leads to discrimination. Differences of race, gender and nationality were viewed and described as a disability. Bayton explains how ??the concept of disability has been used to justify discrimination against other groups by attributing disability to them,? and ??disability was a significant factor in the three great citizenship debates in the nineteenth and early twentieth century ??(Baynton 2). The three great debates he is referring to are Women?s suffrage, African American freedom and civil rights. ...read more.


This Florida study found sometimes students even graduate college without ever knowing that they have a disability. Some schools have realized that they are not properly diagnosing these problems. They are now giving more to diagnose and find any learning disabilities their students may have. This is known as Florida?s Bridges to Practice program. Education systems are confronting the problem now more than ever before. Higher status policy makers are changing too; ?The U.S. Office of Special Education Programs has announced a draft-proposal to replace the current federal eligibility definition with a non-categorized definition of disability in the reauthorized IDEA,? (Operationalizing a Definition of Learning Disabilities 4). Categorizing a definition means creating categories based on different criteria that a person with a learning disability falls into. This has advantages and a major disadvantage. This way makes it easy to ?label? and describe a person with a learning disability easily by policy makers and what not. This way does not describe the full extent of a person?s disability. Some students would overlap into other categories but not be recognized for this. This new uncategorized approach will prevent this scenario from happening. ...read more.


Black people were discriminated against for simply having dark skin. During the civil rights movement blacks showed the world how they are the same as white people. They are humans with names, jobs, families, and most of the same core values as anyone else. A person with a learning disability or any kind of disability no matter how mild or severe is the same way. They all have names and families and opinions. Simple or major differences don?t define a person; they simply are differences that should be recognized with respect and hopefully a lot of admiration. Even though we are clearly in a transitional phase it will take time to sway attitudes and opinions of many about people with disability. Learning disabilities are an important part of the school system. If they don?t get recognized early it is very difficult for a student of any caliber to catch up on the work that they had missed. If caught early many more students would stay on track and not be put under pressure by their peers to perform. This could help them outside that classroom with their friends as well as learning inside. More importance needs to be brought to learning disabilities. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. If more people understood these disabilities they would probably have more respect for these children. ...read more.

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