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Outline and evaluate the view that changes in the workplace have threatened the social roles and identities of men in society.

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Outline and evaluate the view that changes in the workplace have threatened the social roles and identities of men in society. The workplace is a wide term used for where an individual works to earn money. The traditional view of a man is not only biological yet also mentally and that view is hegemonic masculinity or the 'Breadwinner' the norm for men of this traditions persona is to care for their families and put food on the table. Social roles within society were for woman to predominantly be 'Housewives' and for men to earn money to pay for the family to carry on. Due to the modern changes within society those women now have an equal chance in life and for jobs shown in the film the full Monty which was created about Sheffield in the 1960's. ...read more.


for this generations adult men as there wife's are looking after themselves rather than relying on the men to protect and look after them. The new changes have not only threatened men's carers yet also their personal view on why they exist. Men used to have the master status as they 'ruled' over woman due to this change status does not generally get referred to gender yet to other aspects of society such as class. As men are now unclear on their role and status within society they may feel inadequate and give up on things such as family and work. It is inevitable that changes in the workplace have threatened the social roles and identity of men wouldn't any big change but the extent on how much change is fairly dramatic for example in the ...read more.


Where Marxists view this change as positive as well, A Marxist feminist stated 'To alter the position of woman at the root is possible only if all the conditions of social, family, and domestic existence are altered.' Functionalists view the change as a negative thing at first as change was seen as only important if society was not working where as society was working as there had just been the industrial revolution but now-a-days functionalists view the change as positive as it has led to society being more effective than ever with an extremely large economy. Personally I view the change is good as I feel all people deserve an equal chance I just feel that it all happened to quickly for society to handle so that if there is another dramatic social change then we may crumble beneath it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dan Chamberlain ...read more.

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