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Outline some of the ways in which culture deprivation may lead to education under achievement for working class pupils

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´╗┐Outline some of the ways in which culture deprivation may lead to education under achievement for working class pupils Cultural deprivation suggests that culture of working class people is not good as the culture of middle class people which leads to educational failure with the working class children. This is because working class parents are not so good at parenting, which makes this approach focus on the norms and value that are transmitted by parents to their children though socialisation. It has been argued that class differences in educational achievement are because of the differences in the home and family backgrounds of pupils. Pupils from lower class background are more likely to fail because of what they experience inside schools and outside. Cultural depravation mean to be lacking in the skills and values required to be successful in education. This means that the working class children have very limited stimulus at home for example less educational toys, restricted amount of access to books and internet. ...read more.


Whereas the working class parents offer less encouragement and support towards their children?s education because they may have left school at their first opportunity to earn money according to ?archer? this is what he suggested. One of the aspects of cultural deprivation for working class underachievement says that working class children are linguistically deprived. According to basil Bernstein he says there is a difference between working class and middle class speech. There restricted and elaborated codes which Bernstein describes. He argues that that the middle class pupils have an advantage over the working class pupils because school is conducted though an elaborated code which the middle class use so they have a bigger advantage as they are well practised before they enter the school system. This type of code makes us use of large vocabulary, provides the details, the reasons and the explanation that are often left out by the restricted code. ...read more.


Bernstein in turn argued that the working class disadvantage could be explained in the terms of class differences in the language codes. In conclusion these theories on Hyman, sugarman and Douglas can be criticised that working class student and their families appear to lack ambition, they may be being realistic rather than fatalistic about their educational view. There experience tells them that they are unlikely to be successful because they may likely fear of failure more than the middle class students. This might be because of poor school result and because of this they may not try as hard as the middle class pupils. Another possible explanation of working class relative educational underachievement can be because the pupils might be unsuccessful not because of their cultural characteristics but because of they lack financial resources or because of the labelling processes in schools themselves. They may need to miss school because they need a part time job where as affluent parents may be able to afford private education which may not be available to the working class parents. ...read more.

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