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Revision notes - feminism and religion.

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Sociology Revision Notes - Feminism: * Religion is source of oppression: o Pamela Abbot and Claire Wallace: * Some church leaders have recently claimed that women are incapable of taking leadership and that men biologically take the initiative * Religious organisations have emerged that tended to legitimate gender inequalities both through their power holders and beliefs they develop in which in variably play a subsidiary role * It can be argued that because the male has traditionally been seen to be the most ...read more.


the glory of God; but woman is in the glory of the man" * Christianity: o Women are related to nature thus they need to be looked after and controlled o Eve was a temptress who lured Adam into sin sexually. Thus women are seen as unclean, un-pure, wicked and subordinate to men * Hinduism: o Women are seen as nature and must be controlled by the spirit which is male or culture in order to become organized o Women do not pray when ...read more.


and must purify for 66 days * Catholicism: o Women are "unclean" and "impure" and so should not be given roles of power within the church o Should purify themselves during menstruation o Only women who separate themselves from men in a sexual sense can be honouree men e.g. Joan of Arc o Women and men should punish themselves for their sexual desires * Islam: o Don't pray physically during menstruation but mentally o Full veil allows them to escape the glares of men ...read more.

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