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'Should a school have the right to choose who it teaches?'

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DISCURSIVE ESSAY - 'SHOULD A SCHOOL HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHO IT TEACHES?' Recently several stories hitting headlines have brought the British Education Board into question. Two major cases have even resulted in the resignation of the Secretary of Education - Estelle Morris. The most publicised case was of two teenagers from a school in Surrey who made sick phone calls and several death threats to a teacher. These despicable acts lead to the expulsion of both pupils. However, the parents of the children demanded that they have a right to be educated. An appeals' panel also agreed with this. Agreeably, everyone should have the right to a decent education as it affects future career prospects. However what rights do these two boys have? This controversial issue raises questions in many peoples' minds across the nation. Teachers and pupils both deserve rights, but should a school have the right to decide whom it chooses to teach? ...read more.


Undoubtedly, this has an effect on their future career decisions. Finally, if the student is accepted into a new school, there is the problem of settling in. Some people would claim that it is unfair to expel a student as they may find it difficult settling and making new friends, especially because they were well settled into their previous school and may find all the change very daunting. Their teachers may not treat them fairly as they know of their past record and they could even influence other class members to behave badly. Although many people believe that a school shouldn't have the right to expel students, I strongly disagree and believe that a school should have the power to expel a pupil. With all the outrage caused, people seem to be forgetting about the real people who deserve rights: the teachers and the children there to learn. Many delinquents are preventing teachers from teaching classes effectively on a day-to-day basis. ...read more.


During each lesson, a certain amount of work needs to be completed and the teacher will have spent time preparing the lesson. It is unreasonable if the teacher is held back, and again it is a disadvantage to other class members as they may fall behind in work. Also, certain teachers may feel stressed and in extreme cases may need to take time off. This sums up my views on the expulsion scandal. There is no way that these two boys should be re-integrated into the same school. They should first and foremost be sent to a youth detention centre and possibly be given psychiatric help. Then special education should be considered. In general, this issue is an extremely serious matter, which the education board is working on to find a solution. If the problem is not faced soon, then more light punishments will be issued and behaviour will deteriorate. This cannot go on, and without a doubt the school should have the right to expel pupils who continuously misbehave. ...read more.

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