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Should the Holocaust be taught in schools?

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Should the Holocaust be taught in schools? The Holocaust was a horrible event in the history of the modern world. Millions of people were needlessly and ruthlessly exterminated at the hands of the Nazis. There are few people in Britain who feel that the Holocaust should not be taught in schools. While it is important to teach about the Holocaust to children, it will be in vain if we do not know why we do it. My high school is a diverse one and there are many reasons why it should be taught there. One of the most important reasons has been summed up rather well by George Santayana, an American philosopher and poet. ...read more.


Nobody noticed when a civil war in the former Yugoslavia turned into almost a replica of the Nazi's Holocaust. Concentration camps, mass graves, genocide, just as in Germany, yet nobody noticed. While less and less British people were getting educated on the Holocaust, less and less noticed the concentration camps, totalitarianism, and religious persecution in the People's Republic of China. Less and less noticed because less and less people knew that they should notice. Therefore, if the children of Britain do not learn about the Holocaust, they will be condemned to repeat it. As you may imagine with any public school, there are not too many Jewish students. ...read more.


When teenagers learn about various social problems of the past or present, they often feel the need to take some sort of action. The provocation of student action can therefore be another advantage to teaching the Holocaust in my school. This is beneficial for two reasons. First, the students might wish to learn about Judaism which would not only broaden their horizons but also reduce anti-Semitic stereotypes that they may feel. Second, the students may feel obligation to increase community awareness of the Holocaust. They might educate other people who do not have the same educational opportunities as them. This will lead to more people who will know of the Holocaust which means there are fewer people who would repeat the atrocities of the past. ...read more.

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