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Stephen Glass

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Once there was a headstrong young journalist who thought he could outsmart anyone as if he was flawless. Society saw him as an epic journalist, a rising young storyteller, and most of all an influential leader. Sadly, Stephen Glass's cover up soon came to a downfall. It was almost as if this well-known writer was secretly another person, and shockingly no one knew about his split personality. Glass was known to sit for hours at his desk destroying his pen on the paper in front of him. He, without a doubt, was a pathological liar with an extremely bizarre malady. Maybe the young writer should have been a novelist instead, because he was known to write vivid stories. Some of the narratives were about blackmailing software giants, and various articles written on Monica Lewinsky made him a prominent figure in the media. Eventually, back in 1998, he was convicted of fraudulent plagiarism including deceptive information in almost twenty seven articles that he wrote. ...read more.


These misconducts of wrongdoing are not only misleading to the public, but as well are severely hazardous to there health. Moreover, tobacco selling companies represent cigarettes in a positive light, however; in reality they are spiteful and addictive. Nicotine can lead to a slow and severely painful death. Furthermore, this is why they are commonly known as death sticks or cancer sticks. Little does the public know that these falsehood companies are stealing its innocence. Cigarette smoking can cause a wide variety of harmful effects. Some of the main effects are lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. The American Cancer Society noted that tobacco related illnesses take almost five-hundred thousand lives a year; this is more than any other death in the USA. These deaths are more common than decease from AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, and murders. Sad but true, these industries feed and off money and even live for it. Tobacco companies also claim that they do not tackle kids, however extensive amounts of research has included that youth groups aged 14 to 24 will engage in cigarette smoking within the next twenty-five years. ...read more.


Both parties are guilty of charge for causing mass corruption to society, disrespect to civilization, distorted news to the public, and most of all loss of trustworthiness. Overall, it is vital that the public is informed on the lookout of such false claims and predicaments. Optimistically speaking, hopefully, in the near future the general public will become even more involved with helping diminish the detrimental consequences of false promotion, and further critical research on smoking health conditions. Last but not least, help create more supportive guides and organizations in order to promote more awareness about nicotine. All in all, it is left in our hands as a growing, technologically advanced society to help the forthcoming generations understand and know the true setbacks of fraud, and misconduct by advertising companies. In the end we are left to be each others mentors, and counselors. Hopefully, in the near future we will come to realize the true and harsh effects of these hoaxes. Till than we need to realize that humankind has the strongest effect on each other. With power and understanding we can out beat any scandals or deception. ...read more.

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