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There should be no censorship in the United Kingdom. Discuss arguments for and against the statement.

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Kerry Bettinson There should be no censorship in the United Kingdom. Discuss arguments for and against the statement. All media texts that come into contact with the public are to a certain extent censored, with all intention that it is in our best interest. Many people would argue that government censorship in information released to the press is wrong, and should be stopped. However censorship laws on television and films are in place to protect the children in society from being exposed to unsuitable harmful material. Firstly the issue of government censorship of information that is given to the public on current issues or events that they are dealing with. In a time of war, such as the moment it is perhaps understandable that some information has to be held for national security, but at times of peace why is information retained? For example why was there no public enquiry into the foot and mouth crisis? ...read more.


If these limitations did not exist it would be solely the parents responsibility to censor what their children watch. I feel that this could prove to be a harder task than initially thought especially with the increase in numbers of children that have televisions in their bedrooms and on children that may have parents that work late. Films are classified in to categories depending on the type of material they contain. Harmless films will be certified universal and suitable for all, these will not contain any material that could be offensive to anyone. The next step is parental guidance, where it is left as the parents decision whether to allow their children to watch the film if it is thought suitable. This may contain a couple of mild swear words, or perhaps references to sex. After this it no longer becomes the parents responsibility to allow a child to view a film at a cinema or take one out of a video store. ...read more.


Other things such as adverts are also censored for the protection of young people, for example alcohol adverts cannot be shown during advertising breaks in CBBC children programme. This is correct censorship as it is possible that this could encourage underage drinking. I think that there relevance and need for censorship depends on the circumstance. For example where I believe that government information should not be retained form the public when it is of no national security risk I do believe that in the very recent Prince Harry incident censorship is needed. There has been a restriction placed on the press to limit the information they can reveal, and to stop filling hundreds of column inches of tabloid newspapers slating him. Here it is appropriate for his protection that this restriction order was placed. As a conclusion I feel that a lot of television, cinema and some magazines should be censored from children and that allowing the parents to take full responsibility could be disastrous. Censorship is needed but does have a time and place in society in the United Kingdom. ...read more.

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