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Victoria Climbie

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Victoria Climbie died at 3.15pm on February 25th 2000. She died age 8 after severe physical abuse. Born on November 2nd 1991 in the Ivory Coast. When Victoria was seven she was sent to live in Paris with her aunt, Marie-Therese Kouao. They both flee France after false benefit claims. They arrive in London using false passport and claiming Victoria is called Anna. Kouao gets a job as hospital cleaner and they live in a hostel. Kouao meets Carl Manning on a bus and she moves into Carls flat in Tottenham by July. Within days Victoria suffers abuse at the hands of Manning. July 14th 1999 Victoria visits Central Middlesex hospital the daughter of the childminder suspects her of non-accidental injuries. Doctor believes Kouao's story that Victoria has been scratching scabies sores. Doctors alert social services as a precaution. Haringey social worker, Lisa Arthurworrey and PC Karen Jones are assigned to case. ...read more.


She died at both your hands, a lonely drawn out death". Prosecution also said the child protection authorities were also to blame. There were at least 12 times they could have intervened. This story supports the Conventional approach because they say that children are vulnerable and that the best family is the nuclear and that working mum and single parent families lead to delinquent children. Victoria was vulnerable and she died because of the physical abuse she was given by Kouao and especially Manning. Their family wasn't nuclear because she spent time in between leaving her real parents and Kouao meeting Manning as a single parent family. Also Kouao was working which is against the conventional approach because it leads to delinquent children. Conventional believers could say that the physical abuse was punishment since Victoria would be a delinquent because she was brought up wrong. The 2004 children act was called every child matters. ...read more.


The government agencies can't watch every child at the same time so a lot of children can be missed. Also human error comes in and if someone makes a wrong judgement then it could have repercussions like the death of a child. A recent case of this would be Vivian Gamor. She was acting increasingly strange towards her children before then she killed them attacked 10-year-old Antoine with a hammer and suffocated daughter Kenniece, three, with cling film in January last year. Social services knew Vivian had schizophrenia but did not work close enough to try and tackle the problem. Another would be in Bristol a baby Rio in July 21st 2007 a 14 month old baby died from having an overdose from his crack addicted mothers drugs. The child was in care of his prostitute mother why his dad was out getting more drugs. His mother had a morphine and methadone intoxication so was clearly unfit to care for the baby. His farther was sentenced to manslaughter and got 5 years. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Ashton ...read more.

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