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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

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David Astarita Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? The police catch Jack the Ripper, Yeah Right! The police had endless troubles when trying to catch Jack the Ripper. There were many problems in the field of policing in the 1888 including the amount of crimes that were committed a day which the police couldn't handle and didn't want to. The east end had the worst and most crime in London and when the Whitechapel murders happened the pressure was piled on. There were so many problems in the field of policing that it made it almost impossible to catch Jack the Ripper and very hard to solve any other crime. The reputation of the police was awful when seen in the public's eye. People saw them treating women badly and saw them taking bribes which gave them a reputation which meant people didn't want to trust them. ...read more.


However in one of the murders the killer looked like he was interrupted but because it was so dark he could easily run off without getting noticed. The crimes seemed to be quiet because no-one ever heard them. The killer was very quick and there were few clues left so there was no way of an easy catch. The police had so much pressure put on them during the Jack the Ripper murders. The public were getting very scared and were demanding action. The police were not listening and took no action so the public took matters into their own hands and started vigilante groups. They went around accusing people, starting riots and causing so much trouble that while the police were dealing with the vigilante groups they could be trying to catch the Whitechapel murderer. The press were also putting a lot of pressure on the police by putting information that was false about the killings and they deeply exaggerated the truth. ...read more.


They had made there job a lot harder by doing this. A very big mistake made by the chief of police Sir Charles Warren washed off a very key piece of evidence that may have meant the killer was Jewish because some graffiti left on the wall that was not photographed was washed off without being photographed. But this did prevent any problems that may have been caused by the Jewish community because this was aimed at the Jews. The police had made so many mistakes in the hunt for Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders. Washing away key evidence meant they could not act upon what they found out. The police thought listening to rumours instead of listening to facts would lead to the capture of Jack the Ripper. This obviously didn't work and today no-one knows how, why, and who he was and it may not be like this if the police had done there work properly. Carelessness and stupidity is the reason why the police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper. David Astarita ...read more.

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