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Surrealist Painting Evaluation

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During the Painting project we were asked to identify the critical aspects of Surrealism and to take onboard these critical aspects and use them in our sketchbook ideas and the final painting. Therefore, critical aspects of Surrealism are evident in my sketchbook and final piece. The first technique was the drawing technique. I took great care on producing the best outcome I could, when coming up with a Surrealist idea. Surrealist?s paintings are generally based on dreams. Their paintings are filled with familiar objects which were painted to look strange or mysterious, just like my painting. My painting is very strange because there are two contradictory landscapes merged into one. The aim of Surrealism was to reveal the unconscious and reconcile it with rational life. ...read more.


In this project the good research was the vital key to the success of the entire project. The research which he undertook for the Surrealist painting project, gave us the wide range of choices for the design of our painting and the colour scheme of the painting, which enhances our painting and makes it more dream-like. I also understand how research impacts our decision making. If I did not have the essential research, which I need for my art project, I would have found difficulty in producing any ideas. A large palette is not a necessity, but certainly a pleasure when it comes to mixing paint. Any palette after all, is your 'thinking ground', a place where you mix colours, judge their properties, make decisions. ...read more.


I would also take more care on achieving my highest possible standard because during some parts of my painting project I would take less care. Overall, if I take more care into the input of my project I would definitely get a better and more successful outcome, which would be a higher standard compared to my original. I also try to make my painting more realistic by using light and shadow; this would give the painting a 3D effect. Dali uses light to communicate ideas of this painting. Dali?s used realism to hold the scene together so that he could go on to upset our normal expectations of reality. My final fails to capture that technical aspect of Surrealism. ...read more.

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