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About Office Angels.

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By Liam Handa About Office Angels Aim We offer the very best office recruitment solutions to clients and job seekers by enabling our employees to make it happen. Objective To make the Angels fly above the rest. Information Office Angels' culture is quite simply, unique. Visit a branch or our Head Office and you'll instantly sense that there is something very different about our style and work methods. We endeavour to create a motivational, responsive, passionate, entrepreneurial, quirky and fun environment that delivers the very best to our employees, clients and candidates. Section 1 The main activities of Office Angels are; Human Resources, IT support and administration, Finance, Marketing & PR, Properties, Temps Wages, Corporate Development, Sales Ledger/Credit Control, and Training Office Angel's main aims and objectives are: Aims * Provide serviced to the local and wider community * Survive as a business of expand * Improve the service * Provide a highly competitive service * Provide charitable and voluntary services * Be environmentally friendly Objectives * Getting more candidates than the rivals * Providing more services than the previous year * Expanding the service * Improving a service The ownership of Office Angels is a franchise as they are a smaller company inside a big company. ...read more.


6. Applications are received and considered. (When they are received to access the suitability of the application) 7. Candidates are shortlisted. (Applications are considered into considered candidates) 8. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed. (Interviews are considered to see the best candidate) 9. The successful candidate is selected. (The best one wins) Section 3 Office Angels communicates internally mostly by oral communication everyone operates in one room because there is only 6 employees so it would make sense to just talk to the person instead of internal memo's etc because that would just be wasting money and some of the time if it is just documents they each have 1 computer each connected to a LAN port which networks all of the pc's together so they can just transfer the data documents to the receivers computer this is a very effective and cheap way to communicate internally. Office Angels communicates externally mostly by using a fax machine again they each have a fax machine each and since Office Angels is a franchise other office angels company's in the UK often fax each other will advice and help, personally I think ...read more.


big table so that the candidates of office angels recruitment agency can have a meal or a snack this gives them the competitive edge on the publics interest. Also the job centre aims for the unemployed people which are over 30ish, but these people wont get a specialist job which office angels can offer so it most probably wont be an office job, Office Angels aims for the people under 30 who want to be a successful Office worker and can specialise in certain department or even go on a apprenticeship. The environmental constrains of Office Angels are nothing. The legal constrains of Office Angels are that if a candidate wants to apply for a job which office angels have recommended them for they firstly have to sign a workers agreement contract with office angels otherwise this would be considered illegal they would also have to keep in mind the following acts: * Employers Rights Act 1993 * Health And Safety Act 1974 * Sex Discrimination Act 1975 * Disability Discrimination Act 1995 * Race Relations Act 1976 *I have some leaflets and a candidate pack attached* 1 ...read more.

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