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applied business

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Customer service and consumer protection My name is Mohammed Rizwan I am making the report the report is for my visits to M&S and the date is 11/01/07. This report is for the management of marks and And I will report the findings from my visit. The purpose of my report is to show improvements to M&S customer service. First I will give a description of what customers are and the type of customers shop at M&S. A customer is someone who goes and purchases a good or services from an organisation. There are two types of customers internal and external. Internal customers are customers that work within the organisation that sell the goods and service such as the employees. External customers are customers that buy the goods and services but are not in the organisation such as the members of the public. I believe that M&S customers are mostly external because of their friendly service and uniforms. Customer service is the provision of service t the customer before, during and after a purchase this is important because a better customer ...read more.


Methods of customers' feedback M&S have feedback forms that let the customers say things about the store also you have to ask for those forms when they should be on something like a desk so that people can fill it because this is quicker and it saves time for the customer and also with the reports the customers can report on how good he can report how good the store or have ideas of improvements. Toilet/baby changing facility The toilets have to be clean because sometimes when people shop they may need the toilet because they forgot to go home and if they are dirty the customer my not come back to the store also baby toilets are important because most mothers shop with their baby because they cant leave the baby home because it is dangerous also you will need toilets for disabled people because they will also need the toilet if they forgot to go at home. M&S toilet were very clean and they also had disabled and baby toilets . ...read more.


The payment methods that M&S have are debit/credit card and cash but I think you should also make checks available. Alternative ways of buying from M&S The other way of buying is from there online store I think you should also make phone calls or products for people who don't have the internet. M&S have a online shopping area in there store and that is helpful for people who cannot go shopping because they are busy but I think it would be a lot of help if you could make phone calls to order stuff for people who don't have the internet. M&S refund policy Refund policies are important because if people don't like the product they can get there money back. There refund policy is good because if you don't like the product you can just return it and you get your money back also they have friendly staff. Recommendations I recommend that you should have a more staff at the caf´┐Ż because it was to slow at the tills also you should have more till for faster service. ...read more.

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