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BTEC First Diploma in BusinessBTEC First Diploma in Business

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M3 Monitoring and evaluating Script Customer Customer feedback Customer feedback is a very important aspect for a business as customers like to be listened to. This can be done in many ways such as; comment cards, questionnaires or face to face questions. Asking customers for feedback would allow businesses to improve customer service in many ways such as; high quality customer service, develop products and improve attractions in a stores etc. If a customer is never asked for feedback, they may feel that the business is not interested in what customer think of that particular business so it is important to consistently communicate with customers and ask for feedback as relationships may build between employees and customers. Questionnaire Questionnaires tell business owners what weakness the business has and what strengths the business has. Questionnaires are completed by customers as they are the only people that have experienced businesses services. Answers are clues to improvement of aspect and in this case the answers to the questions asked in a questionnaire could allow businesses to improve their products and service to a level that is expected by customers. If questionnaires where not sent out to customers, weaknesses in business would remain as they are which may disturb customers while they are shopping. ...read more.


At Merton College members of staff are always happy and students are satisfied as the environment they study in is a peaceful place. Script Organisation Customer feedback Gaining customer feedback would help organisations to change their products and service to a higher standard. Customers give feedback on customer service, products, environment, cleanliness of stores and employees etc. At Debenhams (Wimbledon) Products and services change as soon as customers mention a weakness while giving customer feedback which is done face to face employees talking to customers. Questionnaire Customer feedback can also be done through questionnaires as customers are asked questions linked to the organisation and the answers are the key to the improvement of the organisation. This would be the easiest system to get customers opinions about businesses and that is why most organisations use questionnaires. Questionnaires can be done online, trough the post, over the phones or handed out to people in stores or streets. Now days the online questionnaires are more often used as this can be accessed from work or at home etc. Comment cards & boxes Comment cards and boxes are very useful for organisations. It allows customers to comment their opinions on cards and then put it in a box for the organisation to read them at times to develop their products and services. ...read more.


Allowing customers to comment on businesses could lead to a lot of advantages as customers may think that organisations are actually interested in what customers have in mind. While keeping interest in customers it is also important to keep a positive attitude while questioning and when preparing a Questionnaire appropriate language must be used as this will help businesses to develop their communication skills and gain feedback from customers at the same time. Staff feedback It is important for managers to listen to staff and meet their needs and expectations, this is why professional businesses ask staff for feedback and gain information about how employees feel about working at that particular business. While gaining feedback from members of staff, it is also to question them about how customers may feel about that business and if they are satisfied with the products and services. Finding out if staff are happy Employees should always be happy in the organisation they work in and it is the mangers jobs to find out if staffs are happy. Business owners should always be ready to provide employees with everything needed and expected. This can be done by asking staff for feedback one on ones, Employees comment cards or questionnaires for members of staff etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shakir Ahmed ...read more.

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