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Business ethics

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Business Ethics Businesses have to maintain many things. One of which is business ethics. The business ethics are a set of values and beliefs which influence how individuals, groups and society behaves. It also helps companies decide what actions are right or wrong in certain circumstances. A business that is ethical and keep account of the society as a whole and the community within which is based might also be described as socially responsible. This will mean that all decision a business makes will be beneficial for the environment and the people living in it and on that account that business will be most ethical, and clear in terms of the things they do. Pressure groups have a large influence on how a business grows. ...read more.


Changing social trends include the increase in the average age of population, which affects the demand for different goods and services. * Economic- economic influences include the level of consumer demands for firm's goods or services. People would except the business to be eco-friendly epically people who care dearly about the environment and its changes. such as global warming and will be greatly towards recycling. Government economic policy have an affect on businesses with its interest rates which are very important. This is because if one delays to pay back capital on time it will cause a business to lose out of profit and will affect other business which are connected through it. That is why the government are very serious and interest rates are a way of punishing people who do that. ...read more.


* Lighting- the energy that is going to be used for the lighting are all going to be neutral. There will be solar panels so all the energy will be coming from the sun. this will save money and help the keep the environment safe. * Use of natural resources- I will use as much natural resources as possible to save money and keep the business running more efficiently. Also it will show consumers that my business is ethical and will be safe in terms of looking after the environment. Overall, there are many things I have to consider when making changes to my business to make it more safe for other people, also it will increase the amount of consumers that come. But the main factor is that my business will be ethical and safe for everyone. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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