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Business Plan

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Business report The Business: * Outline of Business Tatham Cutlery is a plastic moulding and ultra sonic welding company that was first establish in 1919 and is 100% Australian owned and operated. The company started, originally manufacturing, in metal, but most of those products have become archaic and replaced, such as 'the Dexter Motor car Indicator'. In 1923 Tatham produced the first of its own products, the Bean slicer, under the trademark Krisk(c) and with its development the company moved into plastic injection moulding, ultra sonic welding and shop ready packaging. * Location Tatham is currently operating from 24-26 Mary Parade, Rydalmere 2116 NSW Australia but has previously been at the locations of Lee St, Sydney (adjacent to Central station) and Stuart St, Padstow. * Ownership and Executive The Company currently has three major shareholders, Geoffrey D. Rowell, Marion P. Rowell and Mark D. Rowell who is also General Manager; there is one other person in the executive, Managing Director, Joanne L. Rowell. * The products and business Tatham has three products of their own that they fully manufacture and package themselves: * The Krisk(r) Bean Slicer * The Krisk(r) Julienne Slicer * The Krisk(r) Knife and Scissor Sharpener The Krisk(r) product line are a little more then a third of Tatham's business The next third of the Company's business is with the well known pharmaceutical company, 'Tyco Healthcare', packaging products such as earplugs, breast pumps, tablet cutters and dispensers etc. ...read more.


* Sales forecast On an average Tatham Cutlery does $1 million worth of business per year but of cause this is not the profit margin. Most income goes back into the business to produce more business for itself. * Marketing strategies Not very many marketing strategies are needed for Tatham Cutlery because most new business opportunities are expressed by word of mouth. Although every year Tatham takes out a small advertisement in the yellow pages to allow anyone access to the company's resources and recently a Joanne L. Rowell put together a website for the company to advertise and put themselves further out into the market. Finance Plan * Financial requirements Tatham runs on all their own financial support and doesn't rely on any financial institutes for aid. * Record keeping All record keeping is done methodically and in chronological order by MYOB software. All files are saved according to the date stock code and type of file it is. For example: 6244 836 INV the stock code is 6244, water proof ear plugs, the date is the 8th of March 2006 and the type of file is an invoice. These methods allow fast filing methods and keep all files in order and easily accessible. * Finance control Regular revalidation of pricing structure of all products allows the finance situation to be under constant surveillance as inflation and deflation occurs. ...read more.


The only separation is the staff and the management and even that is minimal because the General Manager, Mark D. Rowell is with the staff most of the time while they are on shift. But the Manager Director, Joanne L. Rowell works the office most of the time, so therefore she is a separated human resource. Appendix * Reasons for selecting business The business was selected because it was easy and less time consuming since one of the executives lives in the same house as me. The business Tatham Cutlery would also be a easy chose for me since I have previously worked in that establishment and know the what the operations are like. * Map * Letter of approval To Whom It May Concern: I give permission for my daughter Laeeqa Jade Rowell, to use my business for her business studies assignment and allow her all access to the information needed while on this endeavour. Yours Faithfully, Joanne L. Rowell * Log Book Date: 14th February 2006 Started to outline first questions to ask mum. Date: 18th February 2006 Questions finished Date: 27th February 2006 Conducted interview Date: 1st March 2006 Revised questions and started to make notes on each sub heading. Date: 8th March 2006 Started to put the report into actual report format Date: 20th March 2006 Realised needed to ask more questions wrote questions and got mum to answer them. Date: 25th March 2006 Finalised report. ...read more.

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