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Business studies chocoholic's plc

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Business studies chocoholic's plc activity 2 Assessment exam question Job production is used when a firm manufactures individual unique products. Two examples of job production are building bridges and made-to-measure clothes. Businesses use specialisation to make their work production more efficient. It's called division of labour this is when a company divide their worker and each do their own specific job. This way a worker does the same task up to 100 times a day so become experts and it therefore increasing efficiency and this would improve the businesses productivity. Batch production is in-between mass production and job production businesses use mass production to make 1 batch of their product then they stop. ...read more.


It is appropriate when firms are looking to produce a high volume of similar items. Some of the brand names that have consistently high demand and that are most suitable for this type of production and use flow production: Heinz baked beans Mars bars Ford cars Advantages to flow production are it uses a high proportion of machinery in relation to workers, which is the case on an assembly line. The advantage of this is that a high number of products can roll off assembly lines at very low cost. This is because production can continue at night and over weekends and machines don't require a wage. Chocoholics could benefit from labour specialisation as it could make their production more efficient. ...read more.


strikes. A problem with one group of workers may halt production in the whole business therefore no product will be made so none can be sold. Therefore no profits can be made. Workers could also become over-specialised so have difficulty finding a new job if their skill is no longer in demand. So in conclusion I don't think chocoholics should introduce labour specialisation as it would improve productivity but in the case of chocoholics it could result in poor quality goods and they could produce to many products and in chocolates do have a sell by date so making a large quantity could lead to a lot of waste so I wouldn't advise chocoholics to begin using division of labour. But I would advise them to introduce batch production. ...read more.

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