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Cameron Balloons: History.

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Cameron Balloons: History Don Cameron studied aeronautical engineering in Glasgow and later at Cornell in the USA. Don received his gold, silver and bronze medals of the British Royal Aero Club for his ballooning achievements. In 1966 Don Cameron was leader of the small team that built the very first modern hot-air balloon in Europe. In 1971 five years later, he founded Cameron Balloon Ltd. Don Cameron's company is now the world's largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons. In Bristol in the UK it has become the Ballooning capital of the world. Don Cameron built the first greatest balloon in 1975 and the company is especially famous for these creative designs, which are in total more than 300. The shapes include Disney's fantasia castle, a dragon, a space shuttle, several cows and other cans, houses and bottles (coca cola). In 1990 Don Cameron made the first flight between the UK and what was then the USSR. In 1978 Don Cameron flew his first balloon to cross the Atlantic but it ended because of bad weather, the weather forced his helium-heated balloon down after a 2,000-mile flight from Canada. In 1992 Don's dream came true when he flew a balloon of his own design from Bangor, Maine, USA, to Portugal and made it second place in the first ever transatlantic balloon race. In 1996 Don Cameron balloons US, the company, made on average more then one balloon a day and every day of the year making it by far the world's largest manufacturer, the company's turnover was almost �7,000,000. In 1997 Cameron Balloons built four out of five balloons that took part in a race to fly around the world with out stopping in November. Cameron Balloons: Accounts Department At Cameron balloons the accounts department is quite a small one. The manger is Jenny Smythe, and also in the department are Stuart Hopkins, Ann Rozario and Melanie Booth. Their main roles are: Jenny: She looks after the wages and other wages and also personnel functions. ...read more.


The keys skill required in marketing balloons as seen by Alan are as follows: * detailed and up to date knowledge on the balloon market and its products; * good personal skills; * ballooning or aeronautical background; * have a flexible approach; and * have a good relationship with customers. Alan and Nick, mainly Nick, do a lot of travelling and attend ballooning events all around the world. This gives them the opportunity to get new business and meet with customers and maintain a good relationship with them. They also spend a lot of time on the phone talking to customers about the type of balloon they want. Because customers are spending a lot of money for their balloons, they will expect to receive personal attention. Time is also spend in meetings where they discuss technical requirements and new product ranges. Also in meetings they discuss long term plans of the company. The marketing departments views are very important here because they are more close to customers and know what the customers want. Alan is the one who has developed Cameron balloons Internet marketing strategy. The web site has full details of their product range, regular newsletter, and details of how to get involved get in hot-air ballooning. The Launch Director for the recent around the world by balloon was Alan. The attempt broke the world record and balloon was a Cameron Balloons Roziere. The Human Resources Function The human resources department within a business is responsible for making sure that employees can work effectively and safely, but the company that this assignment is on, Cameron Balloons, hasn't got a human resources department but there are people who have got status to do Human Resources. Cameron Balloons also fights for the right of there employees in the company the persons who are in charge of this are Alan Noble and Ann Linfield . Human Resources cover the following areas: * Recruitment, Retention and Dismissal * Health and Safety * Training, Development and Promotion * Maintaining staff records * Employee Organisations and Unions Recruitment It is important for Cameron Balloons to recruit the right people. ...read more.


There are a number of way in, which a messages can be passes on for example Oral communications include: * Meeting * Face-to-face communication * Telephone conversation Written Communication: This has the advantages that the message is permanent and can be referred to any time. Written methods are also more appropriate when a business wants a message to be received by a lot of people. Written methods of communication: * Letters * Fax * E-mail * Memo * Text * Circular * Notices * Hand books manuals * Annual reports * Advertisements Advantages of oral communication: * Quick immediate * Response * Relatively cheap Disadvantages of oral communication * Can be interrupted * No record of conversation * Long message can be forgotten * Misinterpreted * Misunderstood not clear Advantages of written communication * Formal authority * Provides permanent record * Can be retained for future reference * Can be studied at leisure * Can be copied for other people * Can contain images * Create distance in case of problems Disadvantages of written communication * Takes time to produce * Accuracy needed * Must by legible * Delivery may take time/lost in post Cameron Balloons: How Departments Within an Organisation Work Together Functions within Cameron balloons are interdependent, for example, it is pointless to have an efficient finance and accounts function when the firm's marketing function is extremely inefficient. Cameron balloon also needs a motivated workforce that is willing to work hard. Therefore it is important that human resources department liases with all the other departments to ensure that all the employees are happy and motivated. Here are some examples of how departments work together: - 1. The marketing director liaises with the sales director to identify the skills and experience of his team members. 2. The production director should liaises with the marketing and sales directors to determine a selling price for a new product. 3. The human resources director liaises with the finance, marketing, sales and production directors to ensure that all company members are motivated and adequately trained for the job they are expected to do. Unit 1 1 ...read more.

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