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Clearly Justified Analysis of your suggestions for improving the Customer Service of your chosen organisation. There are many methods in Asda can improve there Customer service

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Clearly Justified Analysis of your suggestions for improving the Customer Service of your chosen organisation. There are many methods in Asda can improve there Customer service. Nowadays every Supermarket has there own way of saying Thank you to the customer this then shows the customer that they are respected and the are wanted back and they are welcome to shop at your supermarket as long as they like. Here are some of the methods that can be used to improve the Customer service at Asda: 1. Free Gifts 2. Loyalty Cards 3. BOG OF (Buy One Get One Free) 4. Special Offers 5. Reward Schemes 6. Improve facilities 7. Make it a friendly Atmosphere Free Gifts Free Gifts attracts many customers but it can be very expensive, so Asda must consider the variety of gifts they offer they may get gifts for the younger or elder citizens, this could either be toys like toy or yoyos and for the elders it might be films or kitchen equipment. ...read more.


The BOG OF policy is a good and productive method as customers can buy a certain product and get another one free, this may only apply on selected goods but it does attract more customers to see what kind of offers are on. If customers feel they may like the offers then they will tell other people who live around them to come and see what is on offer. Special Offers Special Offers attract many customers and they can prove to be the talking point around the Asda area. Special Offers attract customers who shop at supermarkets like Tesco's and Sainsbury's there competitors and by Asda doing Special Offers they are gaining more publicity. Reward Schemes Reward Schemes can be mixed in with the loyalty cards but they are more likely to be bonuses, this is because reward schemes are like an extra thing to have, something that you have been given, this could be due to the fact your loyalty to the store. ...read more.


Benches can be installed so that the elderly could sit down and wait for their taxis. Car Parks could be widened so that more space is available to park and there will be no arguments over where your car should be parked. More entrances to Asda can make it easier to get into the store and all thefts will be monitored via Security cameras and this will make elderly people feel safe and well. A Friendly Atmosphere A Friendly Atmosphere is vital to Asda as it helps determine the success of the supermarket. The customers must feel they can trust the employees with what they are doing and all food they have received is not in any sort way tampered with. The Employees must learn to react to Customer demand and always greet customers with a smile this will show that the atmosphere in and around Asda is very friendly. ?? ?? ?? ?? C4 ...read more.

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