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Combibing the functions of a business.

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HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTION The main purpose of the human resources function is to recruit, select, train, and develop staff. This means finding the right people, training and developing them so they achieve their maximum potential and creating systems that achieve high levels of morale and motivation. The purpose of personnel administration is to provide and develop systems to carryout these functions and to maintain accurate personnel records as required by law. It is a legal duty for every business with employees' and the employer's National Insurance Contribution's and the Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Maternity Pay which is received by employees. Additionally, an accident book must be permanently available, for recording accidents. ...read more.


The purpose of R&D is to enable an organisation to compete successfully and achieve a permanently sustainable competitive edge over its competitors by becoming more efficient and/or profitable and giving customers added value. To achieve this the activities of the R&D section could include: > Developing new products, materials and processes > Creating new services > Changing/improving existing products > Finding new uses for products > Testing products for strength, quality, safety ect > Collecting, analysing and cataloguing data from worldwide research which could be of help to the business All R&D investment involves taking risks. There is no guarantee of commercial success and the majority of R&D expenditure ends in failure. ...read more.


2. Businesses can organise themselves internally in a number of ways. The two main structures are: * functional * matrix Functional structures An organisational structure which is functional is illustrated below A functional structure: 1. 2. 3. 4. Each horizontal level represents a step in the level of importance and responsibility of the staff * The managing Director is responsible for communicating company policy and making sure it is carried out * The other directors are responsible for making decisions affecting their function area and communicating those decisions to the people working in the function areas * Managers are in charge of the departments; they are responsible for carrying out or delegating the directors decisions, their role is to organise their staff, to motivate them and to ensure that their staff know what is going on in the organisation Responsibility, Authority and Delegation 1. 2. 3. ...read more.

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