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Company/ individual report on roles and responsibilities It is important when launching a business that roles are given out to each individual who is in the business

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Task 2 Company/ individual report on roles and responsibilities It is important when launching a business that roles are given out to each individual who is in the business. This can be done for any ownership weather it is a public limited, private limited, partnership, sole trader or a franchise. Looking at our business we also decided to give out roles and responsibilities to our members of the business. There are a few roles that should be in a business or are vital to be in a business. So we gave Nirozen the role of the human resources, I was elected the role of the chairman; Thomas was the vice chairman and Harsimran as finance/accounts. The role of the marketing was given to Eugene. Human resource Looking at each role the human resources are responsible for employing suitable employees. Human resources management are interested in the welfare, personnel management, industrial relations and employee relations and training and also the recruitment of staff in a business. The human resources would pursue with the following tasks: Recruitment Training and Development Termination Selection Retention Redundancy Induction Transfers At the point of recruitment, selection and induction the human resources will choose and interview the right applicant for the business. This will be a advantage because the human resources department will be experts in how and who to employ. They will then help the employee in the induction. The employee might then need extra training and development skills the human resources will train the employee and if the employee becomes a very skilled worker the department must sort out the needs and the requirements of the employee to retain him/her in the business. At the point when the employee has to exit the business or if he/she gets redundant the human resources department has to ensure that the processes are carried out in a satisfactory manner and that everything is done according to what the law states. ...read more.


One advantage of choosing Eugene is that he is very good at promoting things, which will be big help to us when we promote our business. However, a disadvantage of choosing Eugene is that he does not regularly turn up to the meetings or tell us so we would not now whether he has done the work or not. Another advantage of choosing Eugene is that he knows what he is doing and he has the most knowledge in our group to take up this role as he has past experiences. However, another disadvantage is that he is not very organised so he might loose or forget the work which is set for example. Overall, I'm not extremely pleased with the appointment of Eugene in this role because he is unreliable and this role is a key role to our success as a company. However, I do believe if he, for example, improves his punctuality and doing the work set he will be the ideal person to this role. Vice Chairman - He was elected as vice chairman because he has the abilities to assist and manager staff. He can also attend meetings if the chairman is unable to attend. One advantage of choosing Thomas is that he has knowledge is most areas of the company so he is able anyone when they are in need, so for example, he can help them instead of me helping them. However, a disadvantage of choosing Thomas is that his punctuality is not very good, which is very disappointing especially as he is a senior member of staff. Another advantage of Thomas is that he is very good leader so if I could not make it for any meetings then he can lead the meetings instead of me. On the other hand another, a disadvantage of Thomas is that he is very reluctant to do the work set, so we have to keep on nagging him to do the work set. ...read more.


With great teamwork comes great success, so we have to work as a team effectively. If we want to work as a team we need the following: TEAMWORK T is for Talent It is of course quite necessary for a member of a team to be knowledgeable about the work that his team is going to do. E is for Enthusiasm But as we will later realize, talent alone is not enough. A knowledgeable team member must also be enthusiastic. A is for Accountability Every member is accountable not only to his team but to all his other work mates. We are not responsible only of ourselves. M is for Management Every member must know his specialization relative to what his other team-mates can do best. W is for Work-able When a person has all the talents and the enthusiasm in the world and yet he doesn't have free time to work, it all turns out useless. O is for Openness Understanding among team members is a necessity in every team for every member to be able to work in the best of his abilities. R is for Respect Every team member must be able to practice respect so that he can expect to be respected in return. K is for Keenness Keenness is the final key in working as a part of a team. It is more than enthusiasm. Enthusiasm comes before doing the actual work. Communication among each individual is very important if we want to be successful. So when we communicate we could exchange ideas and discuss major decisions thoroughly. We communicate to each other in the meetings, where we discuss any issues or problems we have. There are other ways we can communicate with each other, through: e-mail, face to face, letter, telephone, etc. If we communicate with each other we know how well we are doing and what to do and also we know who is doing what so that no mistakes happen. If we communicate effectively we would succeed as a business as we have great understanding among us. ...read more.

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