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Contribution of the administrative function of the HR department of Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) to the activities of the business. The main contribution of the administrative role to the department of Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK)

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HUMAN RESOURCES Introduction: Business organizations are made up of people. These often termed 'human resources' and they are the most important resources in the production of goods and services. Managers and the owners of organization need to understand the nature of the labour market in the areas where they operate, and how they work together in groups so that they can achieve maximum output. They also need to understand what motivates employees do that the goals of the organization can be achieved. Many tasks that are undertaken in business are complex and therefore need the combined skills of different people. The human resources functions have been modified into four (4) main sections these are Human Resources planning, Recruitment and selection, Training and Development and performance management. In an organization without these four main departments the company can't stand as one this is the reason why the have stated above. I will be looking at each department and how effective they are to the Human resource management. Human Resources planning; this is the adding up of the internal and external staffs in an organization, in other to know the number people to employ to the right department and at the right time. The Human resources don't just decide that they need to employ new staffs. There are some certain factors they consider before they can employ new staffs. These factors includes; the skills and competences they will need the new employees to have, how many people with these capabilities will it be able to recruit, and also the ways of training and developing people to meet these skill requirements. The Human resource planning department has various ways of forecasting the demand for employees in future. The process are as follows; forecasting demands for members and skills of employees, analyzing current employee, and account for internal employees and lastly taking actins e.g. recruiting, transfer etc. ...read more.


. Age as to do with the length of services. The above information shows a most of employees at Kudirat Enterprises are aged between 25-50. This is good as it reduces the number of employees leaving as a result of retirement and old age sickness. It also shows that most employees are female staffs thereby increasing the leave vacation e.g. maternity leave and sickness leave (this is because women are prone to sickness than men).this might have a negative effect on Kudirat Enterprises Ltd. The skills and training is important to Kudirat Enterprises as it helps determine skills they need in future and identify the skills the work force posses a minimum of G.C.S.E. certificate and behavioral skills. Other internal staffing information are not used at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) because department is still young. This internal staffing information not used by Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) is succession, sickness and accident rates. As the department is young statistics such as these as not taken in this regard formally but will soon be done. External Labour Market Information These are external factors that affect human resources planning. This factor includes; Government policies, Employment trends, Skills shortages, Competition from employers, Availability of labour. Not all external factors listed above affects Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. factors that affect human resource planning at Kudirat Enterprises includes the following: Competition from employees Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is interested in knowing whether it competitor such as E Map, IPC, Natmags are contracting or expanding. This is because if they are expanding labour wages will be increased and supply will be less. This usually have a negative impact on Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. On the hand if they are contracting will have a positive effect on Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd as supply of labour increase and it is easier to recruit right sort of staffs. Availability of labour This will depends on such factors as age distribution of the population, attitude of working women and the extent to which young people stay at school. ...read more.


Hobbies and interest; this is also considered by Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd because it is a production factory. This is mostly considered by them to give them a competitive edge in there designing of shoe. This also considered when recruiting people in the marketing department and journalist. After this process kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd send letter to the list of successful candidates whose name has been short-listed. At Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd for every one job ten people are chose at this stage. The letter inviting them for an interview contains information such as; Venue of the interview, time and date of the interview and letter also indicates that they were successful. Interviews: After the letters have been sent, then the interview process is next. The interview done at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is an informal interview (i.e. an oral interview). This is because they believe words of mouth applicants are likely to stay longer. The interview is conducted by a penal of 5 people including a member of the board of governor, HR director and a representative of the department, which has the vacancy. The other 2 people are chosen randomly. The panels assess the following: body language, eye contact, ability to give the right answer to the question asked and fluency in English. This form of interview is not the most suitable as it discriminatory as the panel already knows who they want the minute the applicant walks in. It tales them 2 days at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd to comply their interview result and decide the applicant they want. The panel does not only takes the decision but also everyone in the HR department and the department in which the vacancy is to be filled. This enables them to select the most competent and outstanding applicant. Recruitment process at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd At Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd job vacancies are filled internally. This is done through promotion and spread work. Recruitment is done internally because; it helps in innovating employee, ...read more.

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