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Does Money Motivate?

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Does Money Motivate? Many people believe that they are motivated by earning money, but this is not always completely true as there are many other factors such as the conditions of the workplace and the need to be appreciated. There are many arguments that are both for and against money being the key motivator in the workplace. Some argue that being paid a good salary is important in attracting employees to a job and helps to keep them in the job. Although this money can become less of a motivator once the employee has been working for a time and the pay has become routine and expected. Although money may not be the only motivator in the workplace, it is the basis for the attitudes and behaviours of employees. ...read more.


However cash awards are less of a motivator for the Theory Y worker who can enjoy work and have many different needs, which motivate them to work not just money such as seeking responsibility or having a meaningful interest in the work. Herzberg's two-factor theory splits factors people work into two groups, Hygiene factors and Motivators. Hygiene factors are those that satisfy workers but in no way motivate them these include working conditions, supervision and salary. This is a controversial theory because it says that money in the form of a salary is never a motivator and is only a hygiene factor. Herzberg's theory lists the motivators as things such as responsibility, meaningful interest and recognition for work. In my opinion money is a key motivator for many who work, although everyone has their own motivators that vary from person to person. ...read more.


A person needs to feel as if their needs have been met at a lower level before moving upward. For example, a person will not be motivated by love until they have had both their physiological and security needs met. Maslow's Model So in conclusion it is not always money that motivates, as although for a lot of people it is money that drives them this is not always the case. Money does however provide people with the ability to make choices and improve their quality of life. In order to motivate people, you need to find out what their wants are. It may be money, but this may not always be the case. People are motivated by a variety of items. It is the responsibility of the manager to find people's individual wants. In order to have motivated workers it is important for a manager to try to meet and attempt to satisfy these needs in some way. ...read more.

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