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E-Commerce Report

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To: Jack Markham From: Amy Gates E-Commerce Report The interests of finance were that we would be able to get all of the required items wanted by the other departments though still keep within the budget. We also wanted to be able to keep all of the existing staff so that we wouldn't have shortages. The interests of production were that they could have more staff as well as have new cutting tables and equipment. They also wanted to be able to train the existing staff. ...read more.


They also make sure that they don't over spend. Human resources contribute because they have to hire all of the new staff as well as deal with the hiring of the professionals or the training of the existing staff. Sales and marketing are involved in the marketing/ advertising of the new idea. Production isn't really involved other than the fact that they will most probably have to produce more products. Finance have suggested that Production gets �20 000, sales and marketing �40 000 and human resources �20 000. ...read more.


We think that we should take 2-3 months to get it up and running and that we should launch it in October or September. We think that we should train existing staff and train some of them in new areas. There should be more informal meetings. They should use the telephone the more and send emails so that messages con be received more quickly. Word of mouth would also be a good way to communicate. Communication should also be better between Sales and marketing and production. I think that a more informal approach would be best so that a message can move more quickly from one area to another. I think acquiring of new communication equipm1ent would be best. 1 Amy Gates ...read more.

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