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Employee/Employer Rights

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Employee/Employer Rights I am writing this coursework to explain the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees at Richer Sounds. I will also explain the procedures to deal with disputes and with health and safety issues that occur in Richer Sounds. First of all I will describe the main laws, which protect employees within businesses. All businesses/organisations must display details of the Health and Safety at Work Act in a prominent place. A legal requirement at work is to have a safe environment and both employees and employers have to abide by the Health and Safety at Work Act and various regulations that have followed this act. The responsibility of safety is that of each line manager and, finally, the chief executive or head of the organisation. ...read more.


Many businesses also have safety representatives who attend meetings of the safety committee. The representatives are selected by recognised trade unions and elected by union members, not by the employer. When becoming a colleague at Richer Sounds you are issued with a Statement of Terms of Employment, also known as a Contract of Employment. Two of the most important parts of this statement are the Rules of Employment and the Codes of Conduct. This is included in all colleagues' welcome packs. Being a colleague at Richer Sounds you have to abide by certain rules. A few of these are: � To abide by the company's Use of Networking and Computer Resources Policy. � To abide by the company's security and confidentiality policies. ...read more.


They are always eager to recognize and reduce risks, through regular risk assessments and by encouraging all colleagues to report risks. Colleagues at Richer Sounds go through health and safety training, focussing on the main types of risks/hazards and how to minimise them. Matt Oxer, Richer Sounds Group Property Director is responsible for health and safety and liases with John Clayton, Lee Nelson and Richer Sounds Deputy Field Sales Directors and individual managers over health and safety and first aid training in their stores and departments. To protect the health and safety of its employees, Richer Sounds carries out regular risk assessments on existing work locations. They make sure that all electrical equipment is safe by carrying out annual electrical audits although colleagues are encouraged to report any concerns about electrical equipment or installations to their manager immediately. ...read more.

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